When everything falls apart

The stress comes from the way we respond, from our resistance to change, from refusing to be with what is, saying it shouldn’t be so, as if the universe made a mistake.

Adjust your attitude and all that stress disappears.

The more you think about something, the more you materialize it.

So what kind of thoughts are you going to give momentum to?

You can choose what you think about simply by changing your focus; 

And using your breath intentionally – mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind.  Worth repeating again and again, that’s the key, the link and the remedy.

When everything falls apart, and everything is falling apart, ask yourself:

What have I lost? And why? (that might be harder to see if so, ask your heart in meditation to help you out)

What have I gain? And why?

Feel and Release:

Don’t hold tears and feel what you need to feel, remember emotions are not the problem, suppressed repressed emotions are.

Crying is linked to the water element in you, in your chart 2/8 basic needs, life force, flow and creativity ect..

Tears are like pain and grief being released, leaving your cells, your tissues, and your body in physical form. 

So don’t resist that beautiful self-healing process.  Feel and release.

Things you can do to help yourself during these life-changing times:

  • Keep your energy strong and up
  • Conscious breathing daily x 3
  • Tune in daily x 3 really feeling it and experiencing it (3 deep breaths for your heart, body, mind –  3 deep breaths for past, present, future – 3 deep breaths for the whole of you, others, the world)
  • Tune out surrounding yourself with peace, love, light x 3 + before sleep
  • 11 min left nostril breathing before bed
  • Bless your water, your food and everything else.
  • Do the set for 3rd chakra to keep your energy strong and balanced 
  • Read Not For Sale – Can’t Be Bought, this book is to help you triumph over adversity so very relevant to what we are faced with now.
  • Do the decade in review process, the third part about the future starts at 35 min, but best do the whole process.
  • Do the exercise what your future self wants to tell you for powerful insights.
  • Self-mastery power points meditation in the morning for 11 min or 22 min. I AM I AM I AM I AM I AM I AM I CAN
  • Deep breathing, intentional breathing for strength, healing and transformation.
  • Connect and share with friends, family and others, now community is key and can help you stay connected and well.  Not the time to further isolate yourself, if you have the chance to have internet use it, not for the news but to be with others if only virtually, the mind is easily tricked.
  • Affirmation and prayer for deeper meditation, directing the mind instead of being directed by it.
  • Move through the 3 stages of focusing on affirmation. 1/ thinking about it 2/ feeling it 3/ experiencing it.  Return to the thinking stage whenever the mind wanders.
  • Write in your journal or write a book
  • Start a creative project
  • Organize your home and declutter.  less is more.
  • Start a vision board
  • Study something new
  • Study you, you are the most important project: what do you want, what do you need, what’s your purpose, what’s your vision, what’s your heart telling you, what are your desires?

I recommend this book to all men and woman that feel stuck in their lives. A powerful testimony by the Author of how to overcome adversities and what is necessary to get you out of a place in life that seems hopeless .The book gives you simple suggestions of what you can do to take the next step in Life to free yourself of any negative mindset.


Remember, you don’t need guidance from the outside when you feel and tune in to your own inner guidance.

You have been prepared for this, that’s why you are alive here now, to be part of this shift.

We all know there is a huge opportunity for change.  Change – the only constant.  Some changes we like and we are happy with, others not so much and that where the problem is.

That’s why we’re told to embrace all there is.  Let’s use every challenge and crisis as an opportunity to become more resilient, stronger, more real, more aligned, more authentic and therefore freer.

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