What can we do about fear?

These past few months have been full of new realisations, learning and like another huge awakening thanks to new knowledge and informations.  Some were shocking and some were very much confirming previous observations and comprehension.

As much as we enjoyed welcoming you all to reset and witnessing the effect of the process on you and Oneness Wellness Farm’s growing success, I knew something needed to change.

So that we could manage more of you coming to retreat at Oneness Wellness Farm, however it wasn’t clear  how to do that plus we had just been too busy to reflect on it all properly.

And then corona came and gave us all some extra time and space, granted not under the best conditions and accompanied with lots of fear and uncertainty… however if we can bypass that and use that time to tell ourselves the truth rather than feeling overwhelmed by this thing… we can make the most out of this time… by seeing the opportunity and the blessing in disguise.

Remember opportunities in crisis are always there, just like every problem has its solution.

And now that I am very clear again, I am ready to help you clarify your situation and find your solution if you fell you could do with some assistance.

Even in this current situation, we can get excited about what we intend to change, create and do.

As I couldn’t help to repeat over and over again in the book “Not For Sale ~ Can’t Be Bought”, we are creative beings and way more powerful and able than we have been programmed to believe.

I felt empowered and healing just by reading it without even doing anything major as yet.  This book can help one to transform their life into all that they can imagine it to be.  To be courageous not worrying what anyone or society has to say.


Uncertainty breads fear, and takes over like a kind of paralysis… breaking our will is the goal… and if you are doubting that I wonder where you have been since this thing started.

Now the question is: will you give into the fear?  If you feel empowered you won’t.

We only give in to the fear if we think we have no power or we think something has power over us.

All of that was part of the plan, we are easy to manipulate, control and enslave if we think that way.

Use your hands, your heart, and your mind and make something, create something.

To create is self-empowerment in the deepest sense and that’s a most real and potent return to self… this is our strength and the way out of enslavement.

A loss of self… an evacuation of the self has been the problem… and what has put us all at the mercy of those beings unscrupulous about manipulating and controlling others.

And as we can now clearly see such people are many and everywhere… they have infiltrated every aspects of our society, every industry, education, religions and even spirituality.

Therefore all we can do is focusing on growing our sovereignty and sharpening our discernment.

When we realise the level of deception, the lies, the illusion and complete inversion, it becomes difficult to know what’s true and who’s true… and that can be painful, waking up abruptly can be traumatic, life can be full of moments of disappointments and betrayals.

However as I reminded every day when you were here, if you remain true and connected to what you feel, you cannot get lost and you cannot be coerced by the agenda of others and you cannot be controlled by others.

When you see clearly you cannot be used, abused or manipulated.

When you tell yourself the truth, choose you and decide not to sell out on you again, nothing can stop you not even fear.  Your fearlessness comes from your truth and honouring your self… that’s courage, sovereignty and what you want to serve… in your self and in every other self.

And right now that’s key so deciding for yourself what’s next, regardless of none of us really knowing what is to happen next, is the best thing you can give yourself.

As I explained at the start of this pandemic, this is the perfect opportunity to get back to your self and decide your life from inside as the outside world cannot be relied upon.

It never could and was only giving the illusion, so as we have all been forced to retreat, be still and be with our self… let it have its natural transformational impact… that we can only tap into if we are not overwhelmed by fear…

This is why the media and propaganda has been on extra drive since March to totally destabilise people, break them down with fear, panic, isolation and constant repeat of cases and death numbers.

For those of you who have been here, you know how restorative, transformative and beneficial, a retreat can be, time to yourself, to be and do what you want, with space for stillness and peace, and how different you feel after that.

To have time to slow down and think more deeply about our lives, who we are and where we are going… is what gives the most chance to live our lives without compromise, without having to sell out, again for more help with that read the book, you will get to understand how able and capable we truly are.

We need to make peace with our self and appreciate who we are, which can only happen by understanding our self.

We have to stop being scared.  We have to stop compromising and regardless of what comes next, we have to think clearly, independently, creatively and fearlessly and act so now more than ever.

So if you feel you could do with some help with that click on below.

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