Transforming 2022 

Happiness to you and yours for this holiday season


May the next days, weeks, months and years be filled with courage + wisdom + self-resilience + fearlessness + authenticity + gratitude

Love for yourself…¬†for¬†others… and for the world.

newsletter 31 Dec.2021

We are designed to co-create this reality.

To do it for our humanity, we need our hearts + enough energy.

Many hearts have been enslaved by the programming of the mind and are controlled by fear.

And lots of energy is being lost through hypotheticals.

Your heart needs to be put back into the equation now.

We live in a prana economy so what you do with your energy and the way you feel is key and decides everything.

Be emotionally alive, we come here to live not wait to die.

Be authentic.  Authenticity is truth and truth sets you free.

Every moment in your life is an opportunity to lose or gain energy… to damp or profit on your investment in how powerless you are or of how powerful you are.

Every decision you make is either going to be unleashing power to the world or giving it away.

The power of the breath itself is the power in your own life and being able to set your own rhythm is being able to play your own drum, despite and regardless,¬†what’s happening or may happen¬†on¬†the outside.


Fear has been their weapon, ours is our humanity

When in fear best course of action is to ask; am I in immediate danger right now?

If not, your best course of action is to calm your nervous system. BREATHE.

Do not forget that your participation is required for any reality to exist!
Your participation means talking about it, thinking about it, acting on it.

So what you are talking about, acting on or dwelling on is the reality you are participating in.

When what you are talking about, thinking about and acting on is coming from a place of fear, you are emitting a resonance of fear.  That is what your energy, your prana is being used to cultivate.

We each have a powerful influence on our environment based on the resonance we are emitting.

Remember who you are and be it
now is the time

(if you forgot, get in touch I will love to remind you.)


With more compassion, you make better decisions all around.

We come here to have life, to live and when you live from your passion and your joy, you heal yourself, others and the world.

And it is now urgent that we all do that!

If we want to bring heaven on earth and eliminate suffering in our world, we have to eliminate suffering in ourselves first, if we keep suffering we have nothing to offer anybody.

If we want to fully evolve we have to be in touch with our creative desire, our creative power; our heart urge is directly connected to our soul expression, our DNA and to our evolution, expansion and growth.

The fact that you are here now in this body experiencing life is giving you new¬†information, data… therefore¬†you can¬†come to new conclusions on what you¬†need¬†or want¬†based on the new data.

We are here, we don’t know for how long… might as well live to the fullest!

Living in ways and doing things that are more self-fulfilling, bring joy and happiness to our lives.

But to do that we need to feel what’s in our heart. ¬†Most hearts have been broken and are shut down.

We’ve all had our heart broken at some stage¬†wondering if we can trust the universe, others, ourselves¬†and if this life journey is for us or against us?

Ultimately, it will be what you believe it is, as we function predominantly through a technology of belief.

You are a powerful creator, and you create powerfully with your emotions and your mind.

So believing you’re a victim or have no power is what keeps you experiencing more of the same and not the life you want.

Electro-magnetic is what we are, the electro part is the realm of the mind, thoughts and beliefs.

The magnetic part is the realm of the heart, your feelings and emotions.

Your electro-magnetic field tunes the matrix around you, unless it is weak, then you get tuned by the matrix around you.

That’s what happens when we get sucked into¬†fear.

We’ve stepped out of our power and we’ve allowed the external reality to become more powerful than the internal reality…¬†one of the worst thing we can do to ourselves, others¬†and the world if we want to keep our freedom and our humanity.

Instead learn to follow your energy to the highest point of excitement not just work wise but how you interact with life, all of life, be excited about the things you do.

Doing a job you’re not excited about is so draining to your life force, no wonder burn-outs, cancers, auto-immune and all kind of chronic illnesses are affecting so many.

Ask yourself, do you want to continue to trade your life force for money? Is that worth it?

That‚Äôs something you have to decide for yourself. (and if you’re thinking well I don’t have a choice, get in touch, because I am sure we can come up with something¬†proving¬†you otherwise.)

But with regards to opening your heart more, learn to follow what excites you at any given moment.

If no joy or excitement, it is not for you.

So out of all the options you have, follow the one exciting you the most.


Understand the power of your heart and your electro-magnetic field.

‚ÄúThe heart is more powerful than the brain. The heart is about 100¬†times stronger¬†electrically, and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.‚ÄĚ

You are like a magnetic field pulling situations towards you. You are the tuner, what reality do you want to tune into?

Tune into the reality you want in your life not what you don’t want.

Keep your electro-magnetic field clear, process your emotions, go within, see them, feel them, validate them, process them, release them, don’t dismiss or ignore them,¬†just stop¬†bypassing how you feel.

Sacrificing your heart = sacrificing your body-health + sacrificing your creative power-abundance = self-inflicted suffering.

It is non sensical and only you can it stop.  Let go of the rope. Trust.

Your electro-magnetic field is very capable of sustaining your heart, life and health completely.

Keep your heart open, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to process, and allow yourself to release, and feel joy.

A change of feeling is a change of pattern. You by your feelings determine creation.  Always imagine and expect the best.

Do not waste one moment in regret, do not reinfect yourself.
Understand, get the lesson and move on, grateful, clearer and wiser.


Allow yourself to take your time and really meditate on what is true for you now?

Take good care of yourself.
Rest and recharge because that’s the key to getting what you want.

Be willing and ready to get into the unknown or unfamiliar.

As we move into 2022, let’s move on, forward, leaving challenges behind, moving towards your goals, moving towards what inspires you and uplifts you.

Welcome 2022 as a year of liberation, when you free yourself of your self-imposed limitations, of who you thought you were supposed to be, of what you thought you were supposed to be doing.  Surprise yourself!

Allow yourself to want something new just because it is more reflective of who you are now.

What is it that’s going to make you happy now?
Focus on the what, that will move you forward.
What do you want? What is important to you? What do you truly love and value? What matters to you?
What is true for you? What is right for you now?

When you follow that, you will be supported.

So meditate on what you want for this 6 year (2022);
what love do you want in your life? what work do you want to be doing? what projects do you want to create or be involved in? what helps you feel creative and passionate about your life and what you are doing?

After a long sabbatical, extended after the unexplained passing of one of my dearest and longest sister friend on summer solstice, I gave myself the time I needed to process life.  I am now back, clear, recharged and ready to support anyone needing help and clarity at this time.

Understanding what truly goes on behind the scene has been of great interest to me well before this pandemic started, and with more time during this sabbatical to research further, going down pretty much every rabbit holes and connecting the dots, I have much to share that will give you a deeper understanding of what we are dealing with and how we can individually and collectively transform 2022 and years to come.

The more people are informed about what is happening the more they are protected.  The ongoing naive trust in authority is going to be devastating to many if they don’t up their dose of common sense and critical thinking urgently.

Critical thinking is dangerous to the fear and misinformation constantly being fed by mainstream media and other governmental sources.

When critical thinking goes up.  Fear and obedience go down naturally.

We need to recognise what is going on and the system we have been under by design for centuries if we wish to free ourselves. As this is not the first reset and it is important to understand that.

Otherwise with all the¬†lies upon lies upon lies, it is very easy for us¬†to naively follow¬†false exit doors. ¬†A¬†recurring problem with the religion, new age and spirituality programs of control and¬†deception…¬†and something else I have¬†been called to explore and reflect upon for many¬†years.

This is why upping your discernment is key and along with your authenticity, becomes not only your shield keeping you safe at all times but your compass guiding your every steps into the unknown.


It might not be possible for you to come physically but you can come reset online anytime, just say the word, I am here available for private conversations and also thinking of doing a weekly group support call with Q&A on Wednesdays 5 pm Jamaica time.
So if you are interested, let me know by replying to this, thank you.


I hope to see you there, just find the time not the money, super excited to share with you some new understanding and things we can do to not just survive but thrive through this transforming times.


And again HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family, and don’t forget you tune in to the reality you wish for 2022, as inside so outside…


Love, fearlessness & authenticity for a liberating 2022!!!


Peace, Love & Resilience from Jamaica

for more info visit the website.

I felt empowered and healing just by reading it without even doing anything major as yet.  This book can help one to transform their life into all that they can imagine it to be.  To be courageous not worrying what anyone or society has to say.

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