Time To Sit In Your Proper Seat

Yesterday, I heard Eric Weinstein say that;

“There is a huge amount of talent in the world that’s not sitting in its proper seat”.

And I so totally agree with his wise observation.  I also think this is one of the main problem in our society and if we were to solve this fundamental issue, a lot of things will change and we would live in a very different world.

If we want things to change ultimately we have to change and we are all currently being pushed or forced to.

Let that change be to catapulte us into our proper seat!

I felt empowered and healing just by reading it without even doing anything major as yet.  This book can help one to transform their life into all that they can imagine it to be.  To be courageous not worrying what anyone or society has to say.

To sit into your proper seat… is what I can confidently help you with.

Understanding how special you are…

What’s unique about you and what your personal story is trying to tell you?

Decoding your journey so far helps you to realign, reconnect and get your power back.

Understanding yourself and what you have to share that only you can.

Showing you how to think independently, creatively and fearlessly.

All that we crucially need now.

Now is clearly the time to merge into full authenticity, which means to sit into your proper seat.

More honesty is what this world needs and that starts with and within each one of us.

Book an online consultation reset, or when possible come immerse yourself with a long stay reset retreat.

Or if you haven’t already, read the book NOT FOR SALE ~ CAN’T BE BOUGHT, it will help you believe in yourself, trust the process and give you more awareness, inner strength and courage on this journey we call life.

If you want to get ready to sit yourself where your talent is, book yourself in.

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