no program perfect to deprogram

at your own pace in a beautiful natural space.


Option 1
$79 USD
shared room five beds
Option 2
$99 USD
shared room twin beds
Option 3
$119 USD
private room
Option 4
$139/159 USD
private room & bathroom

accommodation incl. breakfast & dinner ~ per person second rate for double occupancy






Oneness Wellness Farm is located in the heart of Portland, known for having the most beautiful tropical scenery on the island.

Imagine yourself in the midst of it, with a coastline studded with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, you’ll be ideally located to enjoy it all.

Delicious vegan, vegetarian and ital meals are served at the ENJOY restaurant on the property making Oneness Wellness Farm the ideal & most delicious setting to relax.



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