Reflections on these life changing times

We have entered the cocoon phase and we will emerge as butterflies beautifully free…

What does the caterpillar do in his cocoon? watch the news and get stressed out?

No the caterpillar trusts and surrenders into the transformation and mutation.

So as we find ourselves in confinement – quarantine, we can either go the victim route sucked in fear, or we can make the most of this time and space to spiritually strengthen ourselves.

Get a nice cup of tea and make yourself comfortable, below are some thoughts and reflections, tips and reminders to help you navigate these life-changing times.

Coronavirus pandemic crisis 2020 = 4 – the gift of clarity & the neutral mind

Your attitude – your thoughts that’s what’s going to get you through.

Don’t look on the outside too much fear and panic there, nothing there to help.

When you can no longer believe in the systems because they are collapsing, you have to believe in yourself more and more.

So this is going to encourage a return to self – inside self, your own heart and the heart of others.

It’s all about the heart and all we need is love.  

It’s interesting that this virus primarily strikes the respiratory system bringing us back to the heart, our most vulnerable yet most powerful place.

The only way to truly change a belief is by having a new experience.  Experiences happen through our physical body and senses and thus end up creating a new belief.

We could say “before corona”, the ability to feel and be compassionate was often looked at as a weakness, the old paradigm, now as the world is changing before our eyes and all this is going to change, give thanks.

It was sayings like: kindness is weakness that brought us there, the old world we knew full of pain suffering inequality and abuse of power.

When under the spell of fear or lack matrix, other people or the system get to write your story for you, overriding your will and desires of course. 

This is why we are not to sell out to fear, we are not for sale.

Selling out is only possible if there are some beliefs that some people are more important than you or less important than you.  Inequality and injustice = no love no peace no equality.

Our lives are clearly changing and it is now for us to decide what we want to now feel and experience in the future.

Let’s each decide how we want this world to be so that it is not again forced on us by those who like to control us by fear.

Decide what you want in your life, what is important, what is essential, what do you need?

We are being given this time to slow down, to reflect on all of that and to use this opportunity to reevaluate and reprioritize our lives.

I recommend this book to all men and woman that feel stuck in their lives. A powerful testimony by the Author of how to overcome adversities and what is necessary to get you out of a place in life that seems hopeless .The book gives you simple suggestions of what you can do to take the next step in Life to free yourself of any negative mindset.


We are co-creators in the shaping of our reality and at such, we ought to live up to it, and now is an important time to do that.

Design your new reality before it is decided for you.  

Don’t let the outside decide for you, remember, and right now it is even more critical because so much fear,  you need to tune out of that and tune in & up to not drawn or be overwhelmed in it.

You can do this, and I know you can because I had to do this back 12 years ago when I first came here.  I got pretty challenged and didn’t even know anything anymore.  But one thing I knew was that I wasn’t going to let fear destroy me let alone decide my life for me, no way.

And you know what they say: what doesn’t kill you make you stronger!

And that’s so true and I feel that here now we are all faced with that, if corona don’t “kill” us, it will make us stronger, and that’s the truth and we are powerful enough to choose which we are going for.

I read this joke saying “corona is the deadliest disease because it can kill you even if you don’t catch it”, and yes because of the power of the mind-body connection and how the placebo and nocebo effects work. 

I see this virus pushing each one to return to the self… a move towards self-mastery, truly aligning and optimizing heart, body and mind for spiritual strength, the keep up spirit  – your power within.

Plus you don’t want to decide or create from a place of fear or lack, not in line with your thriving, remember we’re done with that, old matrix – and here is an opportunity to create and to live more simply and authentically from a new paradigm, new matrix based on love and abundance.

Shifting from victim mentality to creator mentality, that’s what changes everything!

Share these thoughts with friends and family that may feel anxious, victimized and overwhelmed.

Remember the best way to predict the future is to create it.

What can you create now?

As our biggest illusion is being removed, this is an invitation for us all to reset and to reinvent ourselves.

We need to be clear on what we want (revisit your reset questions, you probably have new answers now).

We need to hold on to our dreams, intentions and vision.

And we need to stay focus on them otherwise we get impacted by the story around us.

Tell yourself: whatever happens in my life, I will learn from it, grow from it and turn it in a triumph.

The only thing we can control is our reaction to what happens.

And as we do not know what’s going to happen, we need to focus on feeling in control from within.

And you are blessed with tools to help you do that as well as showing others how to do that too.

It is no longer a question of being into spirituality, yoga and meditation or not, everyone needs tools to keep up during these life-changing times.  

Whatever happens in our lives, we either get bitter (blame yourself/others) or we get better (no blame no shame = get the lesson = forgive self/others). It’s that simple.

You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person or you allow it to tear you down.

The choice doesn’t belong to corona, fate or anyone else, it belongs to you!

And you know too much now to allow that to happen, giving up on you is not an option. 

You’ve been prepared for this, you’ve touched on peace before, you’ve experienced feeling good from within, you know how to manage your breath to manage yourself, you just have to give it to yourself.

Focus all of your energy, not on worrying about the old, but on trusting, creating and growing the new.

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