Opportunities in crisis

Crisis makes you focus…but do not focus on the crisis, instead you focus back on you, what you feel and what you really want.

Not focusing on outside reality…but focusing more on inside reality…

Because this is where you are going to get insights, guidance, answers and solutions

Trust that you have the strength within you to move toward whatever feels more aligned to you.

Tolerance…the problem isn’t people believing other things…but when they try to push it or enforce it on other people…which is most religions stories.

Conflict comes from that…the lack of tolerance…the rules, the dogma, the beliefs are being enforced.

For us all to come together, we must find peace with each other…not feel threatened by others having different opinions.

We are each unique and individual expression of infinite possibility…so how can we expect some to deny their self and infinite possibility…so to adhere to one particular or singular possibility…religion, tradition, specific path…leading people to disconnect from their self and infinite potential/ possibility some more… so to connect to a particular system or path.

it is like saying: I am right and if you do not agree with me or follow me…that makes you wrong and against me.

That creates the pain, the divide, the duality, the inner and outer conflict…the opposite to peace, love, harmony and oneness we really want for ourselves, others and the world.

Everyone has the right to their own views and opinions… just let people be…live and wake up in their own time.

Remember there are 3 types of business…god’s business and others business are not your business, yours is… the more involved you are in your life… the less time you have to lose energy in the lives of others.

ALONE & TOGETHER is how we are going to survive and thrive even through these unprecedented times.

Together…out of many one people…oneness is the remedy to this…self-mastery & oneness.

Time for us to really come together…and ceased to be divided and ruled…divide to conquer…this is how this fear/lack matrix has been set up for many decades.

Now is the time to reverse that matrix…coming together…standing together…uniting…shifting and creating the new matrix of love/abundance.

We are in this together…and we will get out of it together.

Alone…because it starts with you and within you…it is time for all of us to individually make up our minds and to do and proceed how we really feel.

I recommend this book to all men and woman that feel stuck in their lives. A powerful testimony by the Author of how to overcome adversities and what is necessary to get you out of a place in life that seems hopeless .The book gives you simple suggestions of what you can do to take the next step in Life to free yourself of any negative mindset.


The time is now… to do what’s in your heart… what you know and feel to be good, loving and compassionate.

Acquiescence to power or fear is not an option because that’s how we get controlled…time to feel the fear and do it anyway!

I told you when you were here…do not let fear/ the mind run you…the whole retreat was focused on showing you how to quieten the mind…and release fear…you have the tools…use them and share them.

It is so important right now…crucial…vital…tune in twice daily…so you don’t confuse who you are with your current experience….you are infinite possibilities…you are all there is, was and will be… a powerful creative being…able to create a master piece of your life…as long as you do not let fear of the unknow/uncertainty ruin it for you.

All the power, insights, inner strength and knowing, is always there waiting for us…and to open our heart and mind to it… breath is the link.

Keep it simple… just breathe fully, consciously and intentionally.

To break out of the illusion of separation… the illusion of the mind… going beyond the five senses… then you know there is nothing to fear or nothing to stop you…I am I can, now is the time!

In oneness, aligned to your self, all these fault lines of duality and divide will be no more.

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