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{Reclaim Your Heart ~ Deprogram & Champion Your Uniqueness}

To survive & thrive over the coming times.

As we remain on hold until 2023 (and still unsure if and how we will proceed after that), it was important for my heart & sanity, to still be able to share, and speak, what I know can help…  to prepare and ready yourself as we transition into a new world.

newsletter ~ June 4, 2022

Your discernment, authenticity & self-resilience, that’s what you want to count on… it is all there in your heart… in what you feel… in what is true for you…and fearlessly honouring that… hence why: reclaim your heart, prioritise your heart and restore your heart… as only this will have value and mean anything going forward.

And so the Heart Reset™| online version is now accessible to everyone, it is restorative and many have confirmed that.

So for those who feel, hear and have eyes to see, and who do not like being told what to do, all the free downloads, online “retreats” and services offer real, grounded, practical and valuable insight and information for you to remain healthy, strong, free and true to you and your most important needs and values as the journey unfolds.


Take a listen, and get transported right here, hear the birds singing, the crickets and varied enchanting nature sounds…

Soothing to your heart, your mind and your body, while hearing information which will grow your understanding, your perception and therefore your ability to find solutions and realise you are the ultimate answer & solution to your life.

The game has been to hide you from you by any means necessary!


This inspired the creation of the Get Your Real Power Back™ online retreat.

Manipulation of consciousness through misinformation, constant distractions and addictions to either the material or spiritual world giving the same result…

A humanity controlled by fear and by lack, broken, asleep and divided, believing they are powerless… reduced to go along, pretend, lie, abuse and manipulate others to play the worthiness survival game… repeating trauma generation after generation… pushing children into the same insanity. 

We were deceived so long ago, and the programming is so heavy, not many are even able to see it, and those who can are so tied up with conflicts of interest and fear… they dare say nothing keeping the status quo… the deceived keep the illusion going becoming the deceivers.

Favouring the external consensus and conforming, instead of embracing your inner consensus of heart, mind and body, is the illusion and will always lead to deception and immense frustration.


As importantly, do not miss the downloads dedicated to your Health, your Wellness and your Thriving… all intended to keep you healthy and in control of your “terrain” & wellbeing.

The Germ Theory is possibly the greatest deception as it is clearly against our vitality.
It’s all about the terrain, Beauchamp and others were right, Pasteur lied.

 Listen to the trilogy below and reclaim your health pronto! 

The knowledge you need to reclaim your body and your life and that’s no exaggeration, when you listen to BodyPower | Secrets of self-healing, and The Essential Medical Secrets series, you will understand precisely why.

All intended to help you reclaim your health, and your body.  
Reclaim your heart too which has been enslaved by conditioning, fear and lack in this system’s matrix.
Also covered all you need to know and understand to powerfully reclaim your mind which has been heavily programmed.  

For that listen to the Blueprints of Mind Control downloads, Making It Real | Dreams & Intentions, Want More Freedom? and all those focused on the heart, Operating Form The Heart, Reclaiming Our Humanity, Say No To Regrets etc…


To go deeper, access the Heart Reset™ online version and Get Your Real Power Back™ .

The courses are not expensive on purpose, I am more motivated by you experiencing the content, transforming and benefiting from it, (so much so that if funds are low get in touch for a discount, honestly).

Reignite You – Heart Reset™ time!

And if you’re done giving your power away and not quite living the life you want… the Get Your Real Power Back™ | online version will transform you and your life big time, if not money back guaranteed, again no joke for real!

Also available the Get Your Real Power Back 1:1 option … personal conversations to make focused change and transformation happen, seven different packages for you to choose from.

Take a look, have a listen and if you know anyone who’s being challenged with their health, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, please share all of this with them, thank you.

Stand for your heart and say NO to any form of overstep or disrespect!

This is how we put an end to abuse of power and predatory behaviour, present in every aspects of our society, we become the change we want to see in the world.

Et voila!

I feel much better now that I have done all this and up to you now to see what you do with it all.

I wish you a beautiful summer and all the very best as life goes on.

To the power in you, with love

Mangaljot, Celine, Anihouvy, Mango Joy
all the same heart.

Get Your Real Power Back™ or get your money back!

Peace, Love & Resilience from ONENESS WELLNESS

for more info visit the website.

I felt empowered and healing just by reading it without even doing anything major as yet.  This book can help one to transform their life into all that they can imagine it to be.  To be courageous not worrying what anyone or society has to say.

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