Oneness Wellness Farm finds itself in the heart of Portland, a short walk down the hill takes you on the main road, where you can easily get a route taxi (red plates vehicles) to drop you at any of the beaches on the way.

Portland, our parish is still very much a natural untouched paradise representing a more rural & authentic experience of Jamaica & its people.  On the East coast of the island, home of Reach Falls, Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande Valley, Somerset Falls, Zion Hill,Non Such Caves & more.

The coastline is studded with beautiful beaches each having their charm & all within close proximity, French Man’s Cove, Winefried, SanSan, Boston Bay and Long Bay one mile white sand beach.

The historical site of Port Antonio is 20km away with Folly, Navy Island, the Errol Flynn Marina & its colorful craft market.

The choice is yours, enjoy!

in the meantime, imagine being there and see which spots you might want to enjoy when you come visit…

Don’t delay your Happiness, soon come to Oneness!!!

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