The Space

On a splendid hilltop, surrounded by the warm Caribbean sea on the island of Jamaica


lots of fun things to do; with a coast line studded with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean the choice is yours. Rivers, waterfalls, bush walks & excursions like bamboo rafting on the Rio Grande, diving, surfing, ask us when you come.

Most of Jamaica is mountainous, the mountains are covered in thick forests surrounded by flat coastal plains. Fast-flowing rivers form waterfalls as they tumble down mountain slopes.

Jamaica means “land of wood and water”.

Black, green & gold colors of the National flag are a symbol of Unity.

Black represents Strength & Creativity.

Green represents Hope & Agricultural Resources.

Gold is for Natural Wealth & the Beauty of Sunshine.

Portland, our parish is still a natural untouched paradise representing a more rural & authentic experience of Jamaica & its people.  On the East coast of the island, home of Reach Falls, Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande Valley, Somerset Falls, Zion Hill, Non Such Caves.

The coastline is studded with beautiful beaches each having their charm ~ within close proximity, French Man’s Cove, Winefried, SanSan, Boston Bay and Long Bay one mile white sand beach.

The historical site of Port Antonio is 20km away with Folly, Navy Island, the Errol Flynn Marina & its colorful craft market.

Everyone agrees ~ Portland is the heart of the most beautiful tropical scenery in Jamaica ~

Oneness Wellness Farm’s blessed to find itself at the heart of it.

a space created to bring you back to balance

Hammocks, swings, quiet spots with amazing sea and mountains views.

Organic farm abundant with exotic fruits, local vegetables, coconut trees and lots of Jamaican healing herbs.

for more info call + 1 876 585 7994

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