oneness wellness farm

for children in the community & surrounding areas.


The library space is ready to shelter us in case of rain and to house the 500+ children books generously donated by children from England.

Jamaica Youth Book Club is now on Fridays 3-5 pm ~ Pear Tree Lawn in Commodore District.

To have a designated space for the Book Club give more accessibility, possibilities & opportunities to develop future programs, a dream come true…

Those who read always have an advantage…

They get to know stuff that can change their lives…

Reading is indispensable in significantly improving children and young people’s lives by having a positive impact on their formative years especially and helping them develop strong self-promoting habits.

Reading is a fundamental part of learning at every stages of our lives, and the ability to learn and sort information is key to success in life.

It is of the most importance, essential and sine qua non {without which not} to encourage all children to read.

If you have Children’s Books to give away or know people, schools/organizations who do, wherever they might be in the world, if the books are in English, you can put them in touch with us ~ we thank you and we are most grateful.

oneness wellness farm


Love In Action is to be part of the solution


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