Love In Action is to be part of the solution.

Our motto is

to empower & uplift the lives of many.

Oneness Wellness Farm is a Purpose-Driven Business ~ committed to positively impact Jamaican people’s lives with Love In Action projects.

To date two main projects, which you are supporting each time you book a holiday retreat with us or each time you recommend us to your friends, family or social media, and for that we are immensely grateful, thank you.

Jamaica’s motto is “Out of Many, One People”

We need One Love in Action NOW!

The paradise like experience of foreign visitors on our beautiful island, doesn’t reflect the reality of Jamaican life nor the many issues we need to address as a society.

upliftment & empowerment

especially where & when it’s most needed!

So when you come to Oneness, you’re helping us do that, you’re supporting Love In Action projects.  You get to Invest in You and at the same time invest in the future of Jamaican youth, making a big difference to the lives of many.

Jamaican government reports note that poverty is highest in rural areas (although urban poverty seems to be catching up). Access to even basic amenities – sanitation, water – is often lacking or inadequate. Housing is sub-standard and over-crowding is an issue. Family members often don’t have their own beds, but share them with a relative or relatives. But poverty in itself is not the primary factor; the mindset of poverty is. (The Gleaner newspaper)

We need to change that poverty mindset ~ that’s the intention & vision.


Empowering Youth with Success Strategies is the most urgent thing to do.  This has the potential to change everything for the future of those children and communities.

Youth need to be equipped to win at the game of life

even more so when growing up in difficult conditions.

If you have Children Books to donate or ideas to support LOVE IN ACTION projects, let us know thank you.

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