Feeling like giving up, please don’t

Use this energy to reinvent yourself and go higher, it’s time to say no to the abuse of power and remove your participation out of anything not aligned with you, your heart, your body, your values and your wishes for the future.

It is so so important to be clear right now, it always was and always will be… clarity is power has been a favourite mantra for some time, but now it feels like even more dire than ever.  

Depression is linked to lack of energy and confusion, when you don’t know or doubt yourself, you can never feel good.  

We can no longer wait, stay in denial and keep our heads in the sand, being passive or waiting for a chosen god to come save us.

You are going to have to be your own rescue and save your self.  And you can, we all can… self-reliance time and resilience time!

We need to be super clear, we each need to know what we stand for really and what our limits and boundaries are, that’s being prepared for what ever comes next.

That’s gives you self-belief and confidence… you feel stronger within your self because you are clearer within your self.  Your breath changes, your posture changes, you stand taller and stronger because you realigned yourself… you know and you are no longer scared.  

There might be a storm out there… you are ready to navigate and ride the waves… as long as you keep anchor to your self and what you feel not ignoring it, compromising it or deny it, it will guide you safely to wherever you are intended to be, grow and expand.

We need to change and it’s always better if we decide internally rather than being kicked into it externally.

This time is all about leadership, leading yourself, self-initiating yourself, being fearless and focusing on the solutions more than the problems.

We are being challenged to produce new ideas, think outside the “programmed” box and create new actions.

Small steps lead to progress, pay attention to where the universe is nudging you to go.

Pay attention to everything, pay attention to what you see, notice, to what you hear, to what you feel.

What is it that you desire, what is it that you want ultimately?

We have been told that desires were the root of suffering, that was just another lie to keep us small and passive.

You need to know what you want, we need to have goals and desires in order to go on, they give us direction and a reason to get up in the morning (for those who haven’t got children).  

We want to be flexible and in a flow with goals and desires but we still need them.

Desire is like a power seeking manifestation.  Desire is a manifestation of power, of your creation as a human being.

You are here for growth and expansion… all of life is… just look at nature… at the children and all living things.

Life is being ness in love, growth and expansion…

However as we found ourselves in toxic environment our growth and expansion has been challenged, the trauma, lies and false teachings have bound us into duality further splitting us from our self.  

No wonder life has been full of pain, injustice and suffering for so many, and for all of us to various degree.  

We have to be all we can be… we are not born to be traumatised, broken, turned into slaves puppets tax payers.  We never signed up for that, however the covert programming of this world as given us just that.

Clearly time for change now, as many more can now see… a heart-mending revolution is what we desperately need to heal and cleanse away the venom of the system-matrix we have been put under.  

It all goes back so far, I will not even attempt to get into it now, this deserves a book in itself, however I invite you to do your own research.

Granted many people are still not fully waking up after all of this, but this also show us the power of beliefs and helps understand why so much has been invested in our mind conditioning and programming.  

Again another huge subject in itself which I will be sharing more on from now on, as it’s really a psychological spiritual war and our minds are the battlefield having already enslaved many hearts.

They told us to put everything before the heart, to put god, money, work ect… before family, to put everything before you and what you feel.  After that once you were conditioned and convinced… you were willing to sacrifice your self voluntarily not even realising it… so it was easy to enslave you more and more.

Anyway read the book if you want to understand how to stop giving your power away and get back to yourself. 

These times demand a complete return to self, this is how we survive, grow and expand, we stop giving our power away to other systems.  

Had we not been doing that so willingly and so blindly, selling out ourselves at every corner, we will not be where we are at now.

But we are and the lesson here is that it is time to get our power back, get very clear with ourselves and stop compromising on who we are, what we feel and acquiescing to things which we know are damaging us.

No need to list them, the list will be too long at this time and it is for each one of us to get clear on that.

Life strategy is what we need and if you want help with that I am here just click below and check the calendar.

I recommend this book to all men and woman that feel stuck in their lives. A powerful testimony by the Author of how to overcome adversities and what is necessary to get you out of a place in life that seems hopeless .The book gives you simple suggestions of what you can do to take the next step in Life to free yourself of any negative mindset.


As I will never get tired to repeat to each and everyone – you are the answer & the solution – no one else and nothing else is nor can be… you hold the lock and key so you can set yourself free.

We have been programmed to believe we were less than and needed help and couldn’t do it ourselves, we needed a god whatever its name to come to our rescue, can you now see where that’s got us.

We have to be very aware, deliberate and purposeful one day at a time, that’s the strategy here.

Look at all of this as a pushed invitation to return to your self, back to the self and the more willingly you embrace the opportunity, the easier it will be for you to get ideas and to wisely navigate whatever is on the way.

Worrying, complaining or being angry about it, doesn’t serve us on the contrary it drains us on the deepest level… this is why you want to use that energy to serve you not destroy you.

But to serve, you, your life, your growth and expansion and for that you bring back your focus on you, on what you want, on solutions, on what you would be, say or do if there was no fear of anything.

So especially if you find yourself struggling with all of that, no matter how confused, negative or depressed you may feel at this time, book yourself an online reset by the time we finish talk you will be glad you had.

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