Reset Yourself ~ Yoga & Wellness Retreats


“The chakras are very intelligent – they are like the software of the whole computer body.”

Dharma Mittra

 Journey through the Chakras

~ for a complete reset ~

and for a balanced & harmonious expression of all aspects of yourself.


 it’s time to relax, re-align & reset

it’s essential if not vital!


come learn some great insights to renegotiate and transform your life…

All inclusive 8 days retreat:

7 nights comfortable accommodation

3 meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner

morning yoga & meditation

daily morning lectures

evening meditation

excursion to Reach Waterfall

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breathe swim relax enjoy

Go back home with more of you + the inestimable benefits of sea, sun & sand, outdoor living, daily yoga & meditation, healthy eating + everything a stay at Oneness Wellness has to offer.


for more info & bookings, email

what to expect during your retreat:

This unique retreat includes a journey through the chakras (energy centers) from days 1-7, a great opportunity to cleanse, re-align & release whatever it is time to let go of + deeply relax.




Also included is a daily introduction to chakras and numbers, and how they relate to you and all your behaviours.  By understanding their purpose, you can make the best use of their power.

A journey which promise to not only bring you back to balance but help you step up in the direction you want. You’ll be for sure completing your journey with more than you started with, more energy, more wellbeing, more clarity, maybe new ideas + the courage to act on them ~ on top of new habits and practical tools to support you and keep you healthy for the rest of your life.

You’ll get to feel how good you can feel when you take care of yourself.  You’ll get deeper insights into you, life, love, relationships, work, finances ~ understanding where you are at within the life cycles and it all.

A journey which will help you understand you better, so that you accept, love and appreciate yourself more. You’ll get to know what your gifts and intentions are and what you’ll benefit from paying attention to.

This self understanding is a total game changer, arming you with all you’ll need to know to make the most of your life!

Clean & fresh air, amazing views, the beauty of nature, good company, delicious food, fresh organic & straight from the farm, surrounded by water, rivers, waterfalls and a coastline studded with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

We’re in the heart of it and you’ll have plenty time to enjoy all the beauty Portland has to offer, excursions.

Daily schedule

  • 7 am start with yoga on the sea facing verandah

come earlier to witness the most beautiful sunrises right before your eyes on a panoramic sea view.

  • 8 am after a long deep relaxation, meditation time,

a most beautiful way to feel connected to our deepest self and all there is…simply an amazing way to start the day!

oneness wellness farm

  • 9 am, breakfast of organic tea freshly picked from the farm with some fruits and toasts if you like.
  • 10 am, morning lecture with Q&A.

each morning you’ll be introduced to the chakras 1-7 and learn how they relate to you and affect everything in your life ~ by rebalancing them ~ you’re going to totally Reset yourself

  • 12.30 am, lunch time & then free time for fun play and enjoy the rest of your day.

Stay on property to relax, reflect, have a massage or wellness consultation, or go off on some excursions to the beach, waterfalls, town or for a nature walk.

Amazing complementary water excursion on day 2 at Reach waterfalls to enhance your process.

  • 6.30 pm
  • 7pm  Dinner time, we all eat together on a big wooden table.

Arrive the day before 30th/31st to settle in and be there to begin the journey on the 1st of the month at 7am for yoga & meditation.The retreat finishes on the 7th of the month after breakfast.  example: April 2016 ~ arrive 31st March by 6pm ~ depart 7th April.


On offer monthly for 2016 make sure you’re in book early!

for more info & bookings, email


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