One startling fact is that sadly most of those in relationships or married, wish they were singles, while singles long to be married or in a relationship.

There is clearly something not quite right, why are we finding it so hard to meet that special someone and make our relationships last?

We long for that committed relationship/marriage, (and children) then have a hard time keep it all together. Sometimes it reaches breaking point, heading to divorce or point of no return, family gets split, children have to adjust to their new arrangement set ups.

And then when we’ve been experiencing too much pain and hurts in past relationships, we just can’t be bothered anymore as it seems easier to do it alone.

But still there is this itch, this deep longing, which when suppressed or repressed shows up in other ways, energy out of balance, addictions, obsessions… another set of problems on their own.



And life when we can walk it with a significant other in peace, love, joy, support and commitment, is what makes this life journey pretty wonderful and totally worthwhile.

So now if you’re ready to put your love life back on track, come to the Better Relationships Retreat from June 1-8 or July 1-8.

And in the meantime, you can start your love relationship reset with the Calm Heart Meditation ~ 3 min once/twice a day for 40 days ~ surely you can find a few min/day to nurture your own heart and see if your love life doesn’t get back on track fast.

Sit comfortably, crossed legs/chair with a straight spine head aligned. Left palm on the heart, right hand held forward in gyan mudra (index finger touching thumb) at shoulder level as if making a pledge. Eyes closed focused up to third eye (between eyebrows), inhale long and deep hold the breath in suspend it, exhale fully hold the breath out.  Repeat and continue for 3-31 min.

Nothing is Set ~ Soon Come Reset at Oneness Wellness Farm, a space for New Beginnings.

If you can’t come just yet, book a free 30 min. Relationships Coaching session which will help you get clear on what’s needed and what’s in the way.

Pass on to anyone you know who could do with more energy, love, peace in their life & love life.

Peace to all, Love to all, Light to all


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