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Private Conversations offering

Heart, Mind & Body Solutions 


  • To help you get clear, (a natural antidote to procrastination) ideal when one is feeling stuck..
  • To help you understand yourself deeper and grow self-love.
  • To help you make sense of your story and release the past.
  • To manage you at best and make the most of your life and who you are.


Understand you, be clear with you & believe in you


Understand your personal story, it’s essential to make peace with the past and with you. 
As you accept and appreciate yourself more, you get to be yourself more, fearlessly free and so, happy.

Self-knowledge is the answer… 

I help you get clear on what you need and what you want, because living a life with regrets isn’t a healthy option. 
Limitations come from your mind, your beliefs, old programming and the undigested past impacting every area. 


Great news, you can reprogram and transform all that, yes you can, don’t go and think this is another gimmick or quick fix.

My life story is evidence of that, 18 years ago a redundancy forced me to do the unthinkable, had to put my pride on the side signing on for unemployment benefits.  I was so depressed and realised I’d been for a long time; wondering if I’ll ever be happy if I’ll ever find a place, a job and a man I’ll be happy with.  I now can confidently say yes yes yes and yes to each and you can too better believe.  


  • Love

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Abundance


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Mangaljot, you resuscitated the amazing parts within me I thought I’d lost forever. I’m so grateful & in continual awe of your infinite wisdom, inner beauty & drive. Henry ~ L.A
I am more familiar with all because of you. I now take the teachings you, Mangaljot, have so graciously provided and use them as a stepping stone to higher learning and closer connection. For helping me find my voice and for so much more I thank you. With Deepest Gratitude Precious ~ Atlanta
Thank you for introducing me to my inner power and inner standing of self, that I will keep integrating, practising and passing on.  Christina ~ UK
I feel like I am finally aligned and attuned to my highest self and I have more faith in my purpose than ever before! I feel inspired to create and have more adventures and I will not hide away anymore! This has been such a beautiful experience. Mangaljot, I am so grateful to you for sharing your life wisdom with me and I am so blown away by your personal story.  Alexandra ~ Canada
Thank you Mangaljot, you “practice what you preach” and that is so inspirational. Your approach and numerology wisdom was so accurate, blessings to that…Your passion awakened the drive to act, and that’s exactly what I needed to unblock, refuel to act. Keep your passion alive, keep passing it through, it’s such a beautiful gift you have. Eva ~ Belgium
Dear Mangaljot, thank you I’ve gathered insights and reminders that should have a positive impact on my life. The numerology notes especially, have served as reminders on how to utilize my strengths in the best way. What you do for people is beautiful, because it comes from the purity of your heart. I strongly believe our paths crossed for a reason and I thank you for being a teacher that encouraged me to look within. I’ll work with my two 6’s. Love & light, Diana ~ Canada
When the student is ready the teacher will come and Mangaljot is a teacher in the truest sense of the word.  I was literally transformed from the inside out. Mangaljot is extremely insightful, gifted, and passionate…If your soul is calling you into a deeper expression of itself, this will certainly support you in becoming all you are meant to be and more. Blessings, Rhonda ~ Sacramento
I’m still amazed by the consultations with Mangaljot; she provided information about my self that totally makes sense and gave me a bigger understanding. I’ve come closer to the REAL me and I have found a sacred stillness on the inside…Linda ~ Sweden

nothing is set ~ you can reset

  • for you if you want to make big changes in your life and want more clarity..
  • for women & men, who are finding love, dating & relationships challenging.
  • for couples, who have lost their bliss, are struggling and maybe on the verge of divorce.
  • for you if you want help, guidance and support on any issues, topics or situations.




Remove doubts, fears and limitations.

Get clear with you,

Grow self-love, self-trust and self-confidence.


Private Conversations with Mangaljot

Consultations at Oneness or Online, in English, French or Patois.

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