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Ten days back to Oneness Wellness, includes a journey through the chakras days 1-7, a great opportunity to cleanse, re-align, renew and release whatever it is time to let go of as well as deeply relax.


Also included is a daily introduction to the numbers 1-10, and how they relate to us, their meaning, principles, values, as well as their karmic and dharmic expressions. With a daily evening healing meditation, an opportunity to heal yourself, send healing to others and the whole planet. With also two amazing water excursions on days 2 & 8. A journey which promise to bring you back to balance and help you step up and evolve. Completing your journey with more than you started with, more energy, ideas and new TLC promoting habits & tools, plus plenty inspiration.

You will gain deeper insight into you, life, others, love, relationships, your work, your potential and opportunities when understanding where you are at within the life cycles.

A journey which will help you understand you better, thus fostering more love, appreciation and acceptance for yourself and consequently others. You will get to discover what your gifts are and what you will benefit from paying attention to. This self understanding is a total game changer, arming you with all you will need to know to win happily at the game of life!

Plus all a retreat at Oneness Wellness Farm has to offer, in a beautiful & peaceful space created to bring you back to balance. Clean & fresh air, amazing views, the beauty of nature, good company and delicious food, fresh organic and straight from the farm to your plate.

You will have ample time to enjoy all the beauty the parish of Portland has to offer, visit our excursions page.

Our daily schedule during this ten days retreat is as follow; we start our days at 6am with yoga while witnessing the most beautiful sunrises right before our eyes on a panoramic sea view. At 7am after a long deep relaxation, we start the chanting meditation, a most beautiful way to feel connected to our deepest self and all there is...simply an amazing way to start the day!

oneness wellness farm

At 8am a light breakfast of organic tea freshly picked from the farm, some fruits or a smoothie.

Then at 9am, we start the teachings, each morning you will be introduced to each numbers in turn, and how they relate to you. We will link it to the chakras, the elements, the senses and our ten spiritual bodies and you will understand how it all works together to serve you.

This process will be complemented by the relevant kriyas (set of asanas) and meditations practiced in the morning and evening yoga classes.

At 10.30am, we close to have brunch and you are then free to have fun play and enjoy the rest of your day. Stay on property to reflect, relax, have a massage or consultation, or go off on some excursions to the beach, waterfalls, town or for a nature walk. Note that we have two amazing water excursions planned for you on days 2 & 8 ~ Reach waterfalls + Bath fountain hot mineral spring.

At 4.30pm, except on Sundays, we have our evening yoga, a gentle session to help us relax & renew some more, followed at 5.30pm by a delicious dinner. After dinner, we sit for a Q&A followed by the healing meditation. Daily program closes at 7.30pm.

The Oneness Wellness journey starts on the 1st at 6am with a yoga kriya for the 1st chakra, arrive the day before or earlier if you wish, and we end the retreat with a stepping up ceremony on the evening of the 10th and a celebration dinner!

Oneness 10 days Deep Healing Detox retreat is scheduled from the 1st-10th of every months ~ choose & book your accommodation option well in advance, from cozy dorm, to private rooms with shared bathroom or private rooms with private en-suite bathrooms ~ the choice is yours, nice & comfortable lodging for every budget.

Invest in You ~ $800US + your accommodation option for 11 nights or more if you want to come earlier or stay on for a few days afterwards.

“The chakras are very intelligent – they are like the software of the whole computer body.” Dharma Mittra


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Oneness Deep Healing Detox

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