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Addictions - whatever they may be - cause problems and are like our unhealthy unconscious ways to make ourselves feel good with demoting side effects.
When it comes to addictions, resistance nor deprivation work - substitution is the key.

Replace with healthier alternatives - create self-promoting and elevating habits, which will truly be supporting you, your dreams, intentions, and actions.

Kundalini yoga offers a drug-less High, promoting health and wellbeing, teaching you the art of elevation and self-care, while working on your mind, body and spirit.

Regular practice of specific kriyas and meditations give you a strong support when time to let it go comes, as your personal power and trust grows through each practice, making you more supple, stronger energized yet relaxed.

Kundalini yoga is a powerful scientific technology, developed over thousand of years to help access and unleash your highest potential and produce a conscious mode of living, implementing positivity, creativity and productivity – fast!

Yoga and meditation powerfully cleanses us of physical, mental and emotional obstructions, perfect to deal with addictions, stress and depression all born out of painful past experiences.

Come to experience it to believe it – no more robbing yourself, you can do it, now is the time!!!

“Happiness is your birthright”  Yogi Bhajan

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On Addictions ~ Recognize Accept & Agree

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