6:00 am -
Oneness Wellness Farm
lot 50 commodore district
Long Bay P.O
Portland, (none) none

Where and when, do we evolve the most? Where are we so personally and deeply challenged? And where is it most difficult to keep it all calm and together?
Answer is in our relationships to “Others” -  to our intimate partner, to our friends, to our children, to our parents, to our siblings, to our boss, to our employees, to our neighbors, to our pets, to strangers even, basically to anyone and everyone.

”The other is the problem.”  Jean-Paul Sartre

Another illusion and the solution is in the problem – the other is not the problem, the way we communicate often is.

We have to learn to relate to ourselves so we can relate to others. We have to learn to communicate, to speak and to listen to each other consciously.

This retreat is for anyone who wants to learn the Art of Communication and understand it is key to self-expression, life direction and self-realization, i.e: finding your happy.

Come and learn to harmonize your communications for a better tomorrow and healthier relations in the now.

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Communicate - honest, simple & with a smile

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