Oneness Wellness Life Training™







Life’s often tough, because we’re not given proper knowledge of what we are,


how we work from the inside out,


and how to optimize who we are ~ mind, heart & body ~ to execute our dreams & step up our lives.




Oneness is the quality or state of being one, integrity, wholeness and harmony. Unity of thought, feeling, belief, at one with all there is…






This 14 Day full immersion experiential training is intended to take you back to wholeness ~ giving you the necessary knowledge, understanding and awareness you need to heal your heart, take your power back, fearlessly express who you fully are, so to realize your dreams in this lifetime.






Reality is, hurt people hurt, and that’s the problem in the world,

too many broken hearts walking about…

heart mending revolution needed ~ healed people heal,

the intention of the Oneness Wellness Life Training™.


What is included in this training?


  • a complete journey through the chakras/ power points
  • breathe to heal and more ~ pranayama classes
  • understanding & resetting the mind
  • mending & restoring the heart
  • numbers & life cycles
  • reset tool kit with yoga sets & meditations
  • two personal back to wholeness mentoring sessions
  • creation of your personal life project strategy
  • daily morning yoga & meditation
  • daily morning back to wholeness workshops
  • daily evening meditation deep relaxation
  • daily after dinner Questions & Answers time
  • fire release ceremony
  • graduation celebration with drumming
  • trip to reach water falls
  • certificate & letter of recommendation
  • oneness wellness online connection
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • daily breakfast, lunch & dinner

Added Bonuses: Heart Mind Body Integration, Increased Self-reliance, Increased Self-confidence, Increased Vitality, Creativity, Wellness & Increased Prosperity Potential plus Increased Love For You & Your Life!

Why do this training with me?

If we pay attention, we see huge increase in cancers and degenerative auto-immune diseases, people are finding it harder and harder to live in the world, totally stressed out, on the edge of burn-outs, depressed, medicated to deal with anxiety, sleeping problems and the rest.

Science is catching up and now understands that most illnesses start with emotions, I will go as far as saying all dis-eases are psychosomatic. Which implies healing isn’t in a pill but in our hearts and minds, the body automatically follows.

Back to wholeness is the process and involves reconnection to our 3 fold self ~ heart, mind & body ~ by learning to manage harmoniously who we are from the inside, it reflects itself on the outside.  It is an inside job for each and everyone of us.

28 years ago when I was sent away to see what life was really about just before my 18th birthday, I literally knew nothing, I had nothing and felt I wasn’t worth anything, like the black sheep of the family. I had just failed my baccalaureate for the second time, and in a family were accomplishments were never deemed enough, yet the only way to be approved of or at least recognised, my adolescence left me out in the cold emotionally and literally.

One evening my father sat me down and informed me he was sending me to London (from France), just so, on my own, I could hardly speak English. He added: “If you cannot manage, cope, call your sisters and they will repatriate you”.  I heard a voice in me say: Ca m’etonnerait! which means: I doubt that!

So yes I really didn’t know much at all, bless, so young fresh out of school with no diploma, i.e: no official recognition saying I am good enough, I can do this or that, ironic especially considering the school system clearly fails to prepare us for the reality of life. Plus really no piece of paper can qualify you unless you qualify you and recognise you.

And because we are not taught what truly matters, have been misguided about what we are, have not been told how to make the most of who we are ~ we end up suffering unnecessarily and worst even it gets passed on from generation to generation, intensifying the pain of family karma on and on.

As we go through life, we get to realise that life is more about learning to manage yourself than anything else.

Being on my own early on forced me to take full responsibility for myself and urged me to become a fast learner. After a few harsh lessons that woke me up to the reality of this world, I made sure to learn from everything and everyone as I certainly did not want to repeat.  Life is totally like a classroom, and where we receive our most important lessons and most educational learning if we learn to pay attention.

My own healing journey has proved to me and anyone who has known me for a long time, that we can heal, change and totally step up our lives even if we started with seemingly nothing.  Now in my forties, I can clearly see how I was able to create my ideal life and sharing  my straight forward how to, so you can too!

Life is not a dress rehearsal and we should not have to compromise our health or happiness, not for the sake of anything or anyone, not for a job, not for love and not for money.

If HAPPINESS is what you want, commit to it, make it priority, let it direct every choices and decisions in your life; enrol on the Oneness Wellness Life Training™, a sure step and strong foundation to a self-created awaken life you love to live .

Message is basically make feeling good and happy your priority period, invest in knowing what that means to you, no one else, not your mother, not your father, not your husband or wife…; understanding that happy is linked to the way you feel and think, and has nothing to do with others nor is it their responsibility.

Your most important job is to like YOU before anything else.

Read my bio or watch this video to see my life journey ~ a series of change and transformation guided by the way I felt inside, each time I was not feeling happy-depression-negativity being the catalyst to another transformation ~ learning self-love and growing happiness.

In 2008, I decided to take it a step further in creating a special space for people to come reset in peace, nature, sharing a healing and empowering lifestyle because I knew living in such settings off the land, will make me even happier and it sure has.

Over the past 10 years, we have held personal retreats, women’s retreats, men’s retreats, couples retreats, relationships retreats, and the 10 days Integrated Back To Wholeness reset retreats, and it made me realise what is truly needed, hence why this training was created, covering all there is about life and in life.

what we were never taught, what truly matters, Higher Living Education, how to heal, reset and step up your life.

The reset process, I have facilitated over the past 10 years is effective and powerfully transformative, many have been able to release, to reconnect to their inner self and reset into healthier happier and more empowered lives.

With so many online virtual trainings, courses & offerings, a training that is in person, real and experiential, with no gap left between information and application, is what creates applied consciousness which is what you need to best manage yourself and have a good life.

That is why it is now time to go global, after working intimately with people from all over the world, from different countries, islands, continents, states or parishes even, it has confirmed that we all have something special to give to this world. As we tap into our uniqueness and fearlessly share who we are, we are finally happy and free ~ Beyond our different physical appearances, ages, gender or even cultures, we all want the same thing, peace & happy = health, love and prosperity.

Can we all get that? I believe we can, I know we have all what we need within, we are all creative beings, we just need to be shown how  to tap into it, and this is why the Oneness Wellness Life Training™ was created.

 Abundance is when you are being who you came here to be.  The side effects of doing what you love is perfect health.

Just as we were taught to brush our teeth and keep our bodies clean, we need to be taught how to keep our bodies strong and healthy, how to generate enough energy, how to cleanse our minds so that it can do its job as best friend rather than worst enemy; a beautiful mind free of the past and a deep connection to a strong and open heart able to help you create your most amazing life fearless and free!

In 14 Days Heal, Transform & Step Up Your Life!

What else is there to know?

If you are feeling good you are on track

If you are not feeling good you are off track, it’s that simple!

If that has been going on for some time, do yourself a favour, invest in yourself.

This training is all you are going to need to help yourself, know yourself and totally reset yourself!

Learn how to step up your life, invest in yourself in the most meaningful way for the highest and surest R.O.I (return on investment)

Investment below is all inclusive, training + 14 days meals & accommodations as detailed above

Option 1
shared room five beds
$2369 USD
Option 2
shared room twin beds
$2649 USD
Option 3
private room shrd/bath
$2929 USD
Option 4
private room & bathroom
$3209 USD

  • if you want to be part of this transformational training enrol soon, 17 pers max per session
  • if you want a cheaper rate bring a tent, camping option is $1,810 USD
  • this training is like reparenting you, giving yourself what you need and relearning to champion you and others
  • reclaiming you, restoring your heart, reprogramming, realigning, recalibration,integration & reinvention
  • making peace with the past and growing personal wisdom
  • understand you to have the courage to be, to say and to do what you want staying true to your heart
  • get real insight on how to step up your life and thrive in balance and abundance
  • if we want things to change and get better, intentions and talk alone can never do it, but with right action, using your own power and energy, then there is no limits to what can be-come.
  • peace to all, love to all, light & power to all
  • if you have any questions whatsoever, please get in touch


Who is this training perfect for?

This training covers all there is about being human and life so it is really for everyone, for men, for women, for young adults, for parents, for people interested in wellness, wholeness, happiness, success…for people who want a deeper understanding of themselves, life and others…for people who are passionate about helping others and eradicating human suffering.

Great if you want to change anything in your life that you are currently or for a while have felt unhappy with, may it be yourself, your job, your relationships, life in general. Ideal if you have even forgotten who you really are and have no clue where to start.

For those tired of the world as it is, for those tired of reading books, going to lectures, listening to lectures, going to workshops, retreats, doing all the self help, yoga and meditation and still feeling they are lacking something and are not fully happy.

For those who feel they have been in pain and suffering for as long as they can remember, for those tired of pretending and self medicating, for those feeling anxious day and night and legally medicating, for those who feel they are losing hope and overwhelm seems to be their reality.

For those having been through loss, abandonment, not feeling good enough, traumatic childhood, addictions, dysfunctional family relationships, domestic violence, unhealthy relationships, work issues, money issues, health issues, shame, guilt or simply feeling like the so called black sheep, this is for you.

Ultimately it is great for all, wherever you feel you are at and that regardless of what you think you have, if you want to feel whole, self-sustained and want to step up your life, this training won’t disappoint…

Higher Living Education is universal and applicable to all ~ each seeds follow the same process and have similar needs as each stage ask for particular care and attention so to give the most abundant harvest, so that and remembering that the fruit will not bear the same day the seed was planted teaches us patience, wisdom and all we need to know to live freely and fearlessly as nature intended, a real happy as our new reality.

Also great for yoga teachers, healers, light workers, therapists and educators who are not quite having the impact they wish they had in the world, this training takes it all apart in a very grounded and authentic way making it easy to connect the dots, deepening your understanding, experience and ultimately personal power and presence.  A win win win, for you, others and the world.

The Oneness Wellness Life Training™ is part of Oneness Wellness Global, and on completion you are listed on our website as a Higher Living Education Facilitator, qualified to guide others back to wholeness and people from all over the world will be able to ask for your support and services.

That is the only requisite for this training, that you share with others what you have learned, what resonates and what has benefited you.

This training is not about swapping one set of beliefs and conditioning for another, it is about reconnecting and reclaiming you fully…

you will not be spending 12 hours each day sitting like in most teacher trainings, expect plenty free time to enjoy nature and beautiful Portland ~ your time to reconnect, to relax, to just be, to process, to reflect, to journal and to integrate…all at a nice pace giving you the perfect balance of fun and depth.

When is the next training?


Oneness Wellness Life Training™


Nov 16 – 30


How is the training schedule?

daily schedule

  •  6.00 – sunrise time personal morning routine time
  •  7.00 – intentions & introduction to learning of the day
  •  7.30 – yoga & meditation class
  •  9.00 – breakfast
  • 10.00 – personal mentoring/ reflection time
  • 11.30 – back to wholeness workshop
  • 13.00 – lunch
  • 14.00 – your time fun & adventure
  • 17.30 – evening meditation deep relaxation
  • 18.00 – dinner
  • 19.00 – questions & answers
  • 20.00 – your time/ homework/ personal bedtime routine

To join this groundbreaking journey and to receive more information please subscribe below.

Thank you for introducing me to my inner power and inner standing of self, that I will keep integrating, practising and passing on. 

This was a time of deep, loving introspection and I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in my own self-evolution. 

From confusion to clarity, from non action to right action and from lack to abundance, be part of the transformation!

This training is your road map back to wholeness, simple complete and effective, showing you clearly how to reset and step up your life. An understanding to be shared orally and by example so that even children or those who cannot read can benefit from it and tap into their highest potential too, that is true equality.

Within each and everyone is a seed with the potential to make everything from seemingly nothing, this is what life taught me and I will share all I have learned over the past 28 years that took me from nothing to everything and from surviving to thriving.


We did not come here to suffer yet too many do, part of the deception was and still is to withhold, confuse or complicate knowledge so to keep the confusion and enslavement strong, we intend to remedy all that and this training offers a real heart felt solution taking you to self-reliance, liberation and self-realization.


We all create our own reality consciously or not…consciously is easier, happier and guarantees clarity, which is key!

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