Ninety minutes INNATE

Speak what you feel or ask questions about anything you want, your health, your relationships…

Get clarity into your life’s purpose, and receive valuable insights to grow intentional actions & uplifting habits.

The Innate process changes you and transforms you deeply, fundamentally & sovereignly!

Reclaim Your Unique Self


Decoding and making sense of your story.  Self-knowledge is the answer: understand you, be clear with you & believe in you.


Helping you get clear on what you want.  Career change, transition, creating a life and earning a living with more purpose.

Goal Setting

Intention & feeling oriented goal setting is the way.  Heart soul-centered goals that make you want to jump out of bed.

Relationship Coaching

The quality of our relationships directly impacts the quality of our lives. Impacting every facet of who we are, let’s not ignore them.

Stress Management

Self-care is the answer, self-care is love in action.  Self-care is taking full responsibility for your whole life journey ~ a guilt free act.

Career Change

You have the power within you to choose what you focus on and put your energy into.  Distractions & fear are dream killers.

If you don't own your power, someone else will

About Me

Nobody can tell you what to do but can only guide you to get your own answers, realisations and solutions.

That’s what I love to do.  It is most healing and has the potential to change everything for you.

Life is a journey full of traumas, big ones or small ones, they all have their impact and consequences; some loss of self-love, energy or self-belief… and some dependence, to substances, behaviours, others or anything to help us cope.

Self-healing is a process that starts by understanding who we are, as well as the world we live in.

There is really nothing that we cannot talk about during our conversations.

For any form of life traumas, all types of addictions, any kind of illness, issues and relationships problems.


Life is constant change, so clarity of intention and self-knowledge are the most valuable knowledge we can get.

The limits to what we can be or do, come from the programming & conditioning of the mind.

I help you see, understand, trust and believe in yourself because without it nothing happens.

Get back to you, back to balance, get clear so to bring out the authentically happy in you, releasing whatever may have been blocking or disrupting your innate flow…


” You have empowered me to chose me, to live fearlessly & to continue to spread my love.  You have reignited the fire in me to live as I want to live – free of guilt, fear & the judgement of others, to believe in and trust myself.  You have solidified things I’ve known about myself & who I am + given me a reminder of what my gifts are.  Thank you for being my guide & giving me the tools to reset, heal & rediscover myself.”


“The world is a better place because you are in it and I thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion. I have learned so much and feel healthier, happier and affirmed. I know that I am on the right path and you have gifted me with the tools to go deeper and to fully invest in my highest self. I regard you not only as a teacher, mentor and healer but as a soul sister & friend.”


“Mangaljot, you resuscitated the amazing parts within me I thought I’d lost forever. I’m so grateful & in continual awe of your infinite wisdom, inner beauty & drive.”


“Your approach and numerology wisdom was so accurate, blessings to that… Your passion awakened the drive to act, and that’s exactly what I needed to unblock, refuel and be ready to act. Keep your passion alive, keep passing it through, it’s such a beautiful gift you have.”


“Mangaljot you are love, peace, inspiration, earth knowledge and light. You have brought peace to my heart and set me on the right path. Thank you for all that you have shared..”


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Creating Your Own Path Today!

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