The world is changing, and we are all being called to change…


To live our truth, and to be more authentic, as only this will work and have value.

Understanding who you are and deciding what you are here for, changes everything.

Making you very clear and solid, independent of thoughts and actions.

Able to face and handle all kind of life challenges wisely, confidently and fearlessly.



Or have a Self Guided Organic Retreat

Relax, Reconnect & Reset

at your own pace in a supportive space

Is this for me?

If you appreciate nature, peace and tranquility, simplicity, authenticity, good food & good vibes, this will feel like heaven on earth.

If you are looking to heal and understand yourself better so that you can decide the direction of your life and what you are here for, this is it.

If you want some resolve for your heart, your body and your mind, this process reconnects you to express the truth of yourself instead of what you think you should be.

It is for those who value themselves and their freedom, for those who want to create their own path, un-slaving themselves.

For those who want to be healthy, solid and resilient, independent of thoughts and actions, able to face and to handle all kind of life challenges calmly, creatively and fearlessly.

It is for the free spirits, the empaths, the survivors, the free thinkers, the nature lovers, freedom lovers, writers, truthers, the people of the heart.

If it is you my friend, soon come reset yourself in your uniqueness, so you can be and do what only you can!

Come live in nature and from nature quietly, on eight acres of earthing paradise…and naturally reground and rebalance yourself.

Relax, rest, reconnect to yourself and day after day restore yourself more and more…

Detox and delight with healthy natural meals, natural teas and juices at ENJOY VEGAN on property.

Give yourself a digital detox, healthier, clearer and happier, with more nature and less technology…

Enjoy and restore yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


A quiet nature place can quiet and reset your nervous system and your whole system.

Come get a new sense of your self.

What's the intention?

To bring you back to yourself and show you how to follow the path of your own heart.

Want to answer your {Who am I, What am I here for} questions?

When you understand you and embrace you, you can be you and do you… what only you can.

The times call for you to be uniquely you, this is how we bring change and healing to this world.

This retreat offers you a healing personal growth and clarity reset.

  • to encourage fearlessness and change
  • to understand you and your story
  • to get you ready to take action
  • to heal trauma and your inner child
  • to develop awareness of actions, thoughts and emotions
  • to develop your vision and creative strategy
  • to grow discernement in every area
  • to use your voice and speak what you feel
  • to remedy spiritual bypassing
  • to avoid the pitfalls of new age, yoga and spirituality
  • to transform your FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)
  • to cultivate self-care and self-love for optimum health
  • to develop authentic relationships
  • to restore your heart and self-trust
  • to reground your body and reclaim your energy
  • to exit, detox and release anything no longer serving you
  • to realign your heart, body and mind
  • to transform your relationship to fear and the unknown
  • to develop courage and self-discipline
  • to deprogram fear and release worry & anxiety
  • to reassess and review your beliefs
  • to let go of guilt, shame and blame
  • to identify your gifts and work on your shadow
  • to survive and thrive post covid times


This is an invitation to restore yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


In 10 days, 2 weeks or more come get a new sense of self… understand why you are, heal your trauma, reground yourself, relax and rest and rediscover yourself.

Come reset yourself into fearlessness because you are not controllable unless you are afraid.

Your power is in self-responsibility, that’s true sovereignty and for that you need to feel…you need your heart, clarity, energy and strategy.

What's included?
  • reset questions as self-reflection & journaling prompts
  • understanding & resetting the mind
  • mending & restoring the heart
  • your numbers & the life cycles
  • healing trauma & addictions
  • healing codependency
  • creating healthy & loving relationships
  • weekend truth talks Q&A (group)
  • 5 personal healing & empowering conversations
  • creation of your personal life project strategy
  • fire release intention setting
  • 10 nights accommodation
  • healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • 3 tune-in per week | 7.30 am on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays (breathwork, mouvement, meditation)

Added Bonuses: Heart Mind Body rebalancing, Increased Self-resilience, Increased Self-confidence, Increased Vitality, Creativity, Wellness & Increased Prosperity Potential plus Increased Love For Yourself & Your Life!


your chosen accommodation

breakfast is served between 8.30 – 9 am

lunch between  1 – 1.30 pm

dinner between 7 – 7.30 pm


private conversations happen in the morning every other day giving you ample time to reflect and to integrate.

possibility to book more conversations, massages and to stay longer if needed.



a place to nurture yourself

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