Help & Reset Yourself

We need your help on the farm!

Regardless of what is going on in the world, and whether people are coming to retreat or not, this beautiful land is not waiting for anything or anyone to keep on growing and bearing fruits…

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we had to cut down on staff, yet as always we could really do with a little army of enthusiastic souls to help us.

Jamaica reopened last June, however we haven’t officially reopen, as we are not willing to have the authorities dictate how we should proceed in our living space.

We cannot consent to the new measures, and at no time do we want to have to be surrounded with masks wearing people at home, which I am sure you understand.

Being here helps you relax and forget about the craziness going on in the world, and more than anything, we want to preserve the peace and healing energy of the land.

This means that at this time only friends and family can come to visit…

So you may well want to come back and help us keep Oneness Wellness as beautiful and abundant as it can be, while staying longer and getting to heal and reset some more in the process.



In uncertain times as in every other times,

there is nothing more important that you can do for you,

than championing yourself, accepting yourself,

understanding yourself, knowing yourself,

loving yourself & forgiving yourself,

not just for your benefit,

but the benefit of all.

what's included?


  • time to understand & reset your mind
  • time to mend & restore your heart
  • create your personal life strategy
  • learn on the farm, planting, growing and harvesting
  • stillness, fearlessness and survival skills
  • learn vegetarian cooking
  • see how to create and manage a wellness space
  • daily sunrise meditation
  • daily sunset meditation & deep relaxation
  • weekly staff meetings
  • weekly check-in and Q&A
  • learn to facilitate tune-in and meditation sessions
  • all the benefits of nature living for one month/ 4 weeks/ 28 days
  • healthy detox with 3 vegan meals a day

Added Bonuses: Heart Mind Body Rebalancing, Increased Self-resilience, Increased Self-confidence, Increased Vitality, Creativity, Wellness & Increased Love For You & Your Life!


A renewed sense of Self guaranteed!!!

who is this for?

For you as you are reading this.  For you if you are able to travel, if you have the time and if you’ve enjoyed being here with us in the past.

We need self-driven and enthusiastic souls happy to help us on the farm.

You’ve been here, you know how we are, we want everyone to live good, be happy and enjoy the positive vibes and peaceful healing energy of the land.

So if you are happy to give 5 hours 5 days a week, working either in the kitchen, helping Lincoln prepare meals, serve and clean up, or on the farm, weeding up, planting, raking up or doing little maintenance jobs like painting or keeping the space clean, we look forward to having you on board!

so it’s not like you’re coming back as a guest for a retreat, you’re coming back as family to help and retreat!

Besides your two 2.5 hours shifts, you’ll have plenty free time to enjoy nature and beautiful Portland.  Precious time to reconnect, to relax, to just be, to process, to reflect, to journal and to decide what now post 2020 era?…all at a nice pace giving you a good balance of purpose, fun and depth.

why come for this?

Maybe because last year has been challenging and it keeps on going and you’re not sure how long you can keep going… but you know a change of environment will help… being in nature, in peace, surrounded by natural beauty, in a space already familiar where you can relax and feel safe will really help.

If you’ve been isolated during these lockdowns, having to work from home and spending most of your time indoors or wearing a mask, being back here able to breathe freely and deeply is going to be like a healing revolution in your heart, mind and body.

One of the first thing to suffer in times of stress is our diet and what we put in our body often for comfort more than real nourishment, so imagine four weeks of not only enjoying delicious healthy meals but also learning vegan cooking.

For years, we’ve seen a huge increase in cancers and degenerative auto-immune diseases, as people are finding it harder and harder to live in the world, totally stressed out, on the edge of burn-outs, depressed, medicated to deal with anxiety, sleeping problems and the rest, and post 2020 era we all know it is getting worst even.

Science is catching up and now understands that most illnesses start with emotions, I will go as far as saying all dis-eases are psychosomatic. Which implies healing isn’t in a pill but in our hearts and minds, the body automatically follows.

Healing is a process and involves reconnection to our three fold self ~ heart, mind & body ~ by learning to manage harmoniously who we are from the inside, it reflects itself on the outside…and that regardless of what is going on outside.  It is an inside job for each and everyone of us.

As you go through life, you get to realise that life is more about learning to manage yourself than anything else.


In 28 Days Help, Heal & Reset some more!

when can I come?

Next month if you like, or the one after, we will be offering the one month Help & Reset stay for the rest of 2021.

Arrive on the 1st… Depart transformed on the 28th.


In order to benefit from this special offer, you agree to help 5 hours per day (2 x 2.5 h shift), 5 days a week.


You get 2 days off each week and 19 hours to yourself daily!

what is the exchange?

Investment  is for 4 weeks full board in exchange of 5 hours help, 5 days a week.

Option 1
$1500 USD
bell tent | 2 pers
Option 2
$1800 USD
private room
Option 3
$2100 USD
private bathroom
Option 4
$1200 USD
big bell tent | 4 pers
Option 5
$1400 USD
big room | 5 pers


what's the daily schedule?

only the two 2.5 h shifts are mandatory, the rest is up to you!

daily schedule

  •  6.00 – sunrise meditation
  •  6.30 – personal morning routine time
  •  7.30 – kitchen help (7.30 – 10.00)
  •  8.30 – breakfast* served until 9.30
  •  9.30 – farm/ housekeeping (9.30 – 12.00)
  • 11.00 – kitchen help (11.00 – 13.30)
  • 12.30 – lunch* served until 13.30
  • 14.30 – farm/ maintenance (14.30 – 17.00)
  • 17.00 – kitchen help (17.00 – 19.30)
  • 18.00 – sunset meditation
  • 18.30 – dinner* served until 19.30
This was a time of deep, loving introspection and I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in my own self-evolution. 

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