it’s all about the heart, love is real and all we need


Relationships are the highest yoga.  Love in action its highest intention.

Reconnect & nurture the most important sacred and long lasting relationship of all:

the one with your heart,

self-love in action, powers up everything in your life.


oneness wellness farm

what’s special about this retreat?

Regardless of where you feel you are at when it comes to love, this retreat will help you get clear and see clearly, a must when it comes to relationships.

If you want to heal the pain of past relationships and reconnect to your deepest self, this retreat is for you.  It will help you find your voice and have the courage to authentically communicate in all your relationships and stop settling for less than you deserve.

Just because you miss someone, doesn’t mean they belong in your life, you’ll get to understand and feel why that is.  Or say, if you can’t figure out where you stand with someone, it might well be time to stop standing and start walking!

All of this at Oneness Wellness Farm, with a perfect blend of nature, yoga, meditation, healing conversations, sea, sun, sand, nourishing food and lovely company.

more reasons to invest this retreat
  • Heal family karma, transform your relationship, to yourself, your partner, your children, your health, your work and finances.
  • Release old wounds, the pain of past relationships so you are free to trust and love again come.
  • Thinking there is something wrong with you because you have yet to meet the one, book a flight and come as soon as you can.
  • Met the one now come together and set a solid foundation to your relationship.
  • Not sure you can stay in your marriage and need help, come…alone or together even better, by the end of the week you’ll be clear and know what to do.
  • Going through or have been through a divorce, come release everything, and get clear ready for your next chapter.



what's included in your heart reset?
  • daily morning yoga & meditation
  • evening meditation with deep relaxation
  • 1 private back to wholeness session
  • release fire ceremony
  • trip to the blue lagoon
  • daily breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • heal thyself program

A full immersion offering you the tools, tips and resources to create healthy, stable and loving relationships that last.

during your retreat, you’ll also learn more on
  • how to re-align and re-connect to your inner guidance
  • how to transform a painful break-up into powerful growth
  • how to ask for what you need and stop compromising
  • how to love you fully so to love others harmoniously
  • how to communicate authentically for better relationships
  • how to not lose yourself in your personal relationships
  • how to have the courage to speak your truth and express your desires
  • how to unstuck yourself out of the friend zone/other danger zones
  • how to overcome your fears and release limiting beliefs
  • how to stop inviting non-lasting relationships


Heart & Relationships Reset  ~ Feb. 8 – 15, 2020

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wherever you are at when it comes to love,

this reset will help you trust and get clear, a must when it comes to relationships.


Gain deeper understanding,

plus precious insights to step up your life,

not just your love life…

for men, women, singles & couples

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