Event Date: November 4, 2018
Event Time: 12pm tp 1pm central time
This event repeats monthly until October 6, 2019.
I look forward to see you again online every first Sundays of the month, starting November 4th at 12 noon central time!

The intention is to keep the connection strong, so to help you keep your focus strong on you, your heart, mind and body.  As we start each month together, it sets the scene for the rest of the month making it easier to keep up.

The more you make it your time by maybe asking questions or sending questions important to you and where you are at, the more you will get from this Oneness Wellness time.  Zoom video webinar is the platform, you will be sent a link to log on, and this way we will be able to see each other and it will be all more interactive and way nicer!

Remember how good you felt when you were here, it happened not just because you were here, but primarily because you were prioritising you, and you were taking very good care of you, which is what you need to keep on doing.

1st Sundays online monthly meet up is to help keep that strong in your heart, mind and consciousness and ensure you keep up and step up!

Any questions, whatsoever please get in touch and send in what you want to talk about and cover, make it your time, it is your time.

One love from Oneness Wellness Farm

1st Sundays Tune Up To Keep You Up

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