Emotional Freedom Techniques Reset Retreat

oneness wellness


7 Days Deep Release, Heal & Reset

with Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT To Release Stress Trauma & Anxiety


Daily EFT protocol, personal program, workshops or individual sessions, evening sessions for extra processing and check in.

Option 1
shared room five beds
$1139 USD
Option 2
shared room twin beds
$1259 USD
Option 3
private room shrd/bath
$1379 USD
Option 4
private room & bathroom
$1499 USD

included in package:
  • 3 EFT group workshops/ individual sessions
  • 2 evening sessions for extra processing
  • 1 private check in consultation
  • 1 personal number analysis 
  • 3 meals per day
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • trip to port antonio
  • trip to reach water falls

starts any time before 20th of each month

Facilitated by Francine

oneness wellness farm


Francine has been a massage therapist and reflexologist, with a thriving practice, since 2000, and has many years of experience with a wide range of clients and conditions. She works intuitively with a strong focus on the emotional and energetic roots of what is going on for you. Massage is a way of allowing you to soften, relax and breathe deeply, giving you space to review old holding patterns and inviting you to let go.

Reflexology is a beautiful, healing and relaxing therapy, that helps to balance the body and mind at a deep level, almost mimicking the experience of meditation. It is in this space that you can tap into the body’s own healing capacities. The feet have a story to tell and this story can be different than the one you have been telling yourself. This powerful form of bodywork can reconnect you to your deeper self and allow fresh insights to emerge and solutions to present themselves.

BodyTalk offers another way of looking at the whole person, using a form of muscle testing to have a “conversation” with the body to find out what the priorities for healing are. For example, if there are issues at a chemical, emotional, physical or environmental level. The focus is not on “fixing problems”, but about identifying priorities, so the innate wisdom of your own body can correct imbalances, healing in a way that is best for you.

In more recent years, Francine has found Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, to be an extremely powerful and effective therapy for many of her clients. Using a very simple tapping routine with focus on a presenting issue can offer lasting relief from a wide range of conditions from chronic pain to anxiety and depression. EFT is an extremely simple therapy with the huge advantage that you can learn it in minutes and use it on yourself. Within a short space of time and with a little practice you have a cutting edge tool for self empowerment literally at your fingertips.

We work as a team to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on for you, getting to the subconscious roots of any issues, and finding gentle and powerful release. I offer you love, respect, warmth and empathy allowing for a safe, non judgemental space so that you can relax, unfold and move towards your highest potential. I offer you the space to see yourself honestly and love and accept yourself exactly as you are. With this radical acceptance you will be able to let go of the limiting stories you have been told and have told yourself, and offer your light to the world.  Francine

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