Covid 19 Important Informations


Jamaica re-opened for tourists on June 15, however the pandemic situation still remains uncertain at this time.

The Ministry of Tourism website asks travellers to apply for a travel authorisation before purchasing flights… see link to their website below. 

Oneness Wellness Farm is kept clean & hygienic and so prepared and resilient to the virus.

We plan to re-open in December 2020 but as we are not located within the “resilient corridor”, getting here might be easier for those already on the island.

Please get in touch if you really want to come and need more info, or join our newsletter to keep in touch as this situation keeps on unfolding.

In the meantime, you can read the book, NOT FOR SALE ~ CAN’T BE BOUGHT, purposely written to show you how to believe in yourself, and how to be courageous & fearless as you journey through life (published just before the lockdown and super relevant for these times!)

Until then trust the process… breathe deep… make time to tune in… create time & space for silent reflection… and if you need help before then, I am available for conversations online or face to face if you are already on the island.

One love,

Mangaljot & Lincoln

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