Believe in yourself

Everything is based on beliefs and perception.

Our wellbeing (physical, mental and emotional health) is impacted or influenced by our beliefs, just as on our relationships, our creativity and even our prosperity are.

Belief comes from the German word, liebe which means love… something you love and are ready to die for.

If you believe in something … you are pouring your life force into that… your time, your energy, your money. 

This is why people can’t hear when you are telling them about something they have put so much life force into.

Life is all about how much life force we have available for the journey.

We live in a prana economy, as the author James True likes to put it.

Your life is all about your energy, your life force and how you use it or not.

We cannot thrive in a system where we are giving our life force away, blindly and unconsciously.

Prana is your power, what powers your will… your inner belief gives direction and impulsion to your energy just like an arrow, that’s your force.

We all have that power inside and we can all choose to make the most of it… believing in ourselves more.  

And in these challenging times, just like with every test or crisis, believing in yourself is what changes everything.

She believed she could so she did.  He believed he could so he did.

And it works because it is all about the belief inside.

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The more complicated the practises or rituals are, the more people believe they have to work, because one thinks this is so complicated, who could make this up.  And so the placebo effect makes them work.

Also, we have often convinced ourselves that we are hopelessly complicated and that we need a magic cure as complicated.

There are no magic cure, you are the cure… you are the answer and the solution. and you will always be.

Don’t waste time, energy and money believing this method or that method is the answer or solution… it seems to help at first… and so can easily turn into a crutch… because ultimately, all these various methods have been designed to steal our prana and make us very dependent and obedient.

Self-belief is connected to your life force… the energy being generated, it has nothing to do with the god you invoke, nor with the guru, monk, church or temple.


All of the power is inside you,

Inside each of us. 


The adrenaline that allows a mother to lift up a car to save her child… has zero mantras or spell crafts in it.

The mother had the will… she believed more than anything else in the world that she had to lift up this car right now and so she did.

This is why we have the word, placebo. The placebo effect is our magic… our power being hidden away from us.

If one wanted to control the world and knew how inner magic works, basically how your life force works, this is exactly what one will do.

Stop people knowing and understanding what they truly are and how they can know and think for themselves…  that would be and really has been the perfect strategy to control them and enslave them.

And this was one of the biggest crime against humanity until March 2020.

The book “Not For Sale ~ Can’t Be Bought” presents real life examples to help you believe in yourself and shows you how to maximise your life force to keep yourself healthy, clear and strong as you navigate your life. 

I would give it a higher ranking if I could ….totally gripping from start to finish a book that inspires and sets the standards we should all set for ourselves a “no nonsense” approach to self respect and reflection on life shows how if we can be true to ourselves we can best understand our true value.


We all need to understand how our belief work from inside and so prioritise our prana bank over everything else for our sake.

Understanding also how mind control programming and manipulation work can help us reset ourselves and transform this world.

A moving away from any system trying to steal your prana is needed.  Ask yourself, where do I put my energy? what do I do with my time? what has my attention? who and what am I giving to? what do you believe? who do you believe?

Systems like religions, spiritual traditions or secret societies and organisations all want your prana, so they tell you the power comes through them…, the church, the temple, the scriptures, the rituals, the mantras, the brotherhood, the technology, the service, the teachings… and if you don’t say this, or you don’t have this ritual or that initiation… you’ll lose all that magic.

And what are you going to do if you believe all of that?

You sell out on yourself… if you don’t believe in yourself, what you feel inside or what your body is telling you even… you enslave yourself… you keep on giving your life force away waiting for some eventual pay off.

That realisation made me write the book and why its title is NOT FOR SALE ~ CAN’T BE BOUGHT.

Mind control is not just words and thoughts, it’s also a form of chemical control, that happens when you’ve agreed to a belief system.

An anticipated reward is the finest magnet… once an anticipation has been created one can be lead anywhere.

And if they can be made to feel really anxious, depressed and scared then it becomes even easier to lead them to new pastures as per pandemic and the new world order.

Don’t worry, stay passive, trust the plan, it’s all god’s plan… all expression of these anticipation assumptions.

It’s like a lie with a saviour program… In reality, if you don’t believe in yourself, nothing happens.

If you lose faith in a system or the system, which is happening at record speed for many currently, then there is no system left at all. 

Such system has lost its value because it was all based on your belief and perceptions.  As your perception and beliefs change everything also changes.

The current system brings out the worst in most people… greed, selfishness, competition, deceit, dishonesty… basically taking us away from what’s compassionate, conscious, kind and natural.

When more and more of us realise…which is our current reality… the situation will shift, the system will crash and then we need a new system. 

The new world order (nwo) is based on that idea, hence why they are starting to blame the system to help make it collapse… so they can reset it.  

Order from chaos is what the great reset ushering in the fourth universal revolution and trans humanism is all about as it is explained on the world economic forum’s own website.

So it’s time to make the most of your life force and placebo natural response so you can set up our own personal system, grown resilience, govern yourself and create your own path regardless of what happens on the outside.

Simply prioritising your prana bank and believing in yourself.  I AM I CAN. SO I BELIEVE I CAN I AM.

If you want help, inspiration and encouragement in creating your own personal system… and to think independently, creatively and fearlessly… or anything else you need clarity with or have questions about, click the link below and book yourself an online reset time.

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