own 8 acres of earthing paradise 






A rare find and once in a lifetime opportunity…

On a magnificent hilltop with a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and mountain hills in the lush parish of Portland, Jamaica.


We are ready to let our “baby” go and have it taken care of by some good people.


Oneness Wellness Farm was originally a coconut farm, intentionally transformed over the past 14 years into a beautiful retreat loved by many coming from all over the world.


Since 2008, we have been offering yoga, meditation & wellness retreats in this enclave of peace, tranquility and natural beauty.


Lovingly created in every details to help our guests reconnect, relax and naturally get back to balance.


The ideal space to enjoy an exceptional quality of life and run a successful yoga wellness retreat appreciated by many and listed in the ‘Top 10 Worldwide Best Meditations Retreats’ by Bookretreats in February 2020.


Each morning feel blessed to witness the most awe-inspiring sunrise, see below, totally heaven on earth.

oneness wellness farm

We love this place so much, we never before considered passing it on, but life is full of unexpected surprises and now is the time.


Unforeseen, considering Oneness Wellness Farm is a successful business, generating very good income.


Plus it is now fully set up and pretty much off-grid with its own water filtration & collection system, an abundant organic farm and a newly installed solar system.


Self-sufficiency was the idea in creating this space.


Oneness Wellness Farm is truly a space of infinite possibilities, offering unlimited business opportunities for an enterprising new owner.


Lots of space is still available for development, such as building up to 20 or more additional accommodations further into the land.

The potential business income is constantly growing and can only increase further as even more people seek yoga retreats and as you further develop this blessed space.


Already having a capacity of up to 23 + 6 pers with the new bungalows x your weekly rate…you do the maths…

Also add business income from the restaurant, the farm and additional services like massages, all ready for you to start.

We sale complete with all the handmade bamboo/wicker/wood  accommodation furniture, the restaurant and the main house kitchen appliances, bed linen, fixtures & fittings, yoga mats and massage tables, together with a successful website.

Interested buyers can see more photos and details at our website

How much we love, value and appreciate this land + how much energy, time and money was invested… are all totally reflected in the price.


As is the life gamble we are making in letting it all go at such times.


Thus, the total selling price is $6,400,000 USD.


Viewing by appointment only. No time wasting only serious offers, thank you.

Why is this space the opportunity of a lifetime?

  • Ready to operate established business

  • Prime location & elevated position

  • Panoramic sea view, 360 degree view

  • Organic farm of fruits, vegetables & herbs

  • Abundant fruit trees: ackee, coconut, papaya, pineapple, Jamaican apples, passion fruit, soursop, nisberry, plums, cherries, sweetsop, custard apple, lots of avocado and breadfruit trees and over a dozen variety of mango trees

  • Most native herbal plant natural medicine and bush teas, lots of lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, pimento, to name a few…

  • Perfectly situated few minutes from Boston beach to the west and Long Bay to the east

  • Port Antonio is 25 km away with a coastline studded with beautiful beaches

  • Oneness is located in a friendly peaceful rural community

  • Portland is clearly being developed as Jamaica’s top wellness destination with the new highway soon to be completed.

Are further renovation needed?

Since this land was purchased, we embarked on a semi-constant renovation and conversion program.

The main house was extensively renovated with renewed plumbing and electrical wiring in 2008 and a new roof was put up in 2011..

The hot water boilers were replaced recently in 2019 & 2021 respectively.

An old dependance was converted into accommodations in 2014.

The main yoga platform was built in 2017.

The restaurant was completed last year, and a top of range solar system was installed. (2020)

There is no major work to be expected in the near future.

how is the property laid out?

The main house has a wrap around verandah giving it an harmonious rounded shape design.

It sleeps 6-8 pers, with 3 bedrooms, a child side room, an office, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and large living space opening on the main sea facing verandah.

The guest space house is made of 2 rooms at the front of the building, one ensuite to accommodate up to 4 pers.

Another 3 rooms are at the back, accommodating up to 9 pers. bamboo bathrooms 4 steps away, one single unit and another one with 3 showers & 2 toilets.

Another room with ensuite is next to the space used as laundry and store room.

A large garage is neatly hidden behind its patio verandah, on the other side another vehicle can be parked.

Additional accommodation are in process, 2 wood bungalows with French windows to let light in; the large one to accommodate up to 4 pers with 2 rooms on two levels, bathroom and kitchen, the smaller one sea facing ensuite suited for 2 pers, each with its own verandah and private entrance.

There are 3 open gazebos sea facing, one of them is used for massage.

The yoga meditation platform is at the heart of the land and can accommodate 20-30 pers.

The newly finished restaurant is found at the bottom of the land with a complete professional kitchen at the back and large shutters opening unto the sea view and the restaurant hall sitting up 30 pers.

To the left side of the stairs a path leads you to the bathroom with 2 toilets, and large storage space on the other side.

How far is Oneness Wellness from the beach?

Boston Bay Beach is 5 min drive going west, a beautiful and good surfing spot.

Long Bay Beach is 5 min the other way, Winifred Beach, SanSan Beach, Blue Lagoon and French Man’s Cove another 15-20 min away.

Perfectly located in the heart of Portland, Reach waterfall is 15 min away.

The closest water entry point is Priestman river, boundary of the land, building a  stair case would make it even closer giving you a direct and private access.

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