Oneness Wellness Farm was created because such a place is needed and our need to retreat in nature is going to become more and more as we continue to live in stressful and uncertainty filled times and environments.

So Oneness was created for you, to bring you back to balance and support you during these times. A special space you can come to at anytime you feel you need a pause, a rest, and a Reset. So it’s not just a yoga retreat, Oneness Wellness is a space for New Beginnings offering you the whole package for you to really Relax & Reset.

So yes of course yoga & meditation, we love the transformational power of Kundalini yoga, it works fast, it’s practical and just what we need to heal and effectively transform our lives. If you’ve never tried it you’re in for a treat, also called the mother of all yoga or the yoga of awareness, this technology when consistently applied seriously helps you shift gear and step up your life.

Summer of 2000 is when I took my first kundalini yoga class, I was blown away and fell in love right there on the spot. It became my weekly ritual Saturday morning at the gym as I got kind of addicted to the natural high and the way the practice made me feel, better than I ever had.

Of course, I wanted to know more and decided to do the teacher training, with no intention to teach but just wanting to have the tools to apply it more.

The more I learned, practiced and applied this technology and teachings, the better I felt and the more my life got better too. Half way through the level 1 kundalini yoga teacher training, it became clear I could not possibly keep this to myself and had to share it with others.

Happiness is our birthright.

I took the practice wherever I could, my first teaching gig was in a women’s refuge, I hired empty church halls for weekly classes, taught in prisons, schools, community centers and from my home too.

And the more I taught, offering longer classes, workshops, and short retreats or when attending week long yoga festivals or trainings, the more I noticed that full immersions are simply transformational.

In a way, how could they not be, when the space is right, and the intention and offering are congruent. By focusing on you and giving yourself exactly what you need, some peace, rest, clean food, daily yoga, meditation, earthing, swimming, sun, sand, connection to nature, time to be, reflect, enjoy…I mean how could you not be transformed, really?

So this became the inspiration and vision for Oneness Wellness Farm, to create a space where people could come relax, recharge and learn all they need to reset and live happier more meaningful lives.

Life can be tough, for sure and especially because we haven’t been taught all we need to know to make the journey easier and nicer. When we should have been taught from our youngest age how to make the best use of our minds for instance or at least given some instructions manual we’re not.

And without that understanding, it becomes very difficult for us to live in peace, healthy, happy, successful and enjoying life. Now the good news is, it’s never too late, we can transform our lives, make our dreams reality and enjoy the ride ~ just come get your mind right!

One Love Blessings,



Nothing is Set ~ Soon Come Reset!

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