• If you need a break or just feel generally dissatisfied with any aspects of your life, you’re exhausted and need some resolve fast. Come!
  • If you feel you need a change, want a change, you are at a crossroad, or life has thrown you a curve ball and you’re not sure what to do next. Come!
  • If you’re tired of your job, feel stuck yet know there is something better for you out there, but not sure what or how to get started. Come in 7 days, you’ll know and have your answers!
  • If you’ve been single for some time, you’re tired of feeling alone and you want to know how to manifest that special someone into your life. Come!
  • If you’ve lost the bliss in your relationship and the two of you seem to be heading to divorce. Then the two of you come or you do and then send him/her. Together or on your own, but Come!
  • If you’ve been trying really hard to change or manifest something in your life but you’re not getting the results you would like. Don’t despair, we’ve got exactly what you need at Oneness Wellness, Come!
  • If you’ve been finding it hard to let go of the past, feeling it’s holding you back, making your life less than it could be. Come and release all that right here returning home clearer, focused, recharged and energized. Just COME!

To Invest in You ~ in a meaningful way is the surest way to gain a guaranteed ROI (Return On Investment).

So soon come to Oneness Wellness, where you’ll find all you need to help you RESET ~ YOU & YOUR LIFE.

Everything on offer is geared to help you relax, rest, recharge, reflect, reframe & reset.

You’ll start each day with kundalini yoga & meditation, perfect practice to help you heal, shift gear and reset yourself quickly. Followed by a healthy breakfast of exotic fruits and organic bush teas.

Then time to yourself to do whatever you like, put yourself in a hammock, relax, have a massage, a coaching session, go for a walk, to the beach. Swim, enjoy and detox in the clear Caribbean Sea.

If relaxing on property, have freshly picked coconut water and its jelly meat for a light healthy nutritious lunch. Continue your easy detox with an organic farm to table experience, all that you eat and drink while at Oneness Wellness Farm is plant-based, fresh and lovingly prepared.

And to top it all of, the space, Oneness Wellness Farm is beautifully peaceful, on a hilltop and offering amazing panoramic views of the ocean and lush mountain hills. An environment bringing peace, healing and relaxation to your eyes, mind, heart and every cells in your body.

In the midst of nature and with spectacular views, makes Oneness Wellness Farm the ideal spot for a digital detox and some serious earthing and reconnecting to Mother Nature, the elements and all your senses.

Leave transformed ~ clear, energized & ready to handle whatever comes next!

So don’t delay your Happiness and soon come to relax, recharge, get some knowledge and inspiration to manifest your personal, professional and financial goals with a transformational retreat at Oneness Wellness Farm.

To get confirmation from our previous & returning guests, check the Reviews page.

Thank you for passing on to anyone you know, that’s interested in having more energy, love, joy and financial freedom in their lives right now.

Peace to all, Love to all, Light to all


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