For you.  Come as you are. It’s easy to be at Oneness Wellness Farm. No prior experience of yoga or meditation is necessary; actually it’s a perfect space to even try it for the first time. You breathe so for sure you can do yoga.

Here no acrobatics or complicated postures, have no fear of not being flexible enough, or too much this or too much that. This practice meets you were you’re at and will take you over time exactly where you want to be or at least where you need to be. It’s fast but like anything doesn’t happen over night.

Yoga has become a very fashionable thing to do, with all its branded accessories and shiny leggings and in many cases has lost its essence, fear not here at Oneness Wellness we keep it real.

Everyone works at their own pace, we’ll encourage you to go within and have a more experiential practice moving in rhythm with your breath rather than asking you to perform headstands or advanced contortions.

So no need to splash out on Lulu moons or other fancy yoga gear, some white cotton comfortable pants and tops or other natural fabrics will be absolutely perfect. A light shawl for the evening meditation and maybe a head cover to help you retain meditative energy with you longer, and you’re all set.

So really Oneness Wellness Farm is for anyone who wants to pause, needs to slow down, and wants to relax, recharge and reset.

With no smoking, no alcohol and no meat, it’s a perfect space to give yourself a good detox. Ideal space for weight loss too, most of our guests report losing weight without even trying.

If you want to live in nature for a few days, in a peaceful and beautiful environment, with space, quiet spots and amazing views, while enjoying delicious vegetarian food made with the harvest of the farm, eating fresh exotic fruits, discovering new flavors and tastes…

And to top it all of a great practice of kundalini yoga and meditation twice a day, come you’ll be in heaven and you’ll leave transformed, rested, recharged, feeling amazing and very ready to meet whatever comes next…just come.

For a perfect blend of fun, enjoyment and depth with sea, sun & sand for a transformational holiday/retreat, if that speaks to you, you know Oneness Wellness Farm is totally for you…

And if you know anyone who would enjoy and benefit from some time at Oneness Wellness Farm, share this with them, thank you.

One Love Blessings,


ps: you can always check what previous guests had to say in our reviews, that will give you a good idea.

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