NEW* Self-Guided Reset


Perfect if you just want a nice quiet space to reconnect to yourself,

relax, reflect while feeling nurtured and supported by nature and the energy of the space.


Best doctors on site!!!

Sunshine, Nature, Fresh Air, Water (sea, rivers, waterfalls), Rest and Healthy Food

Research has shown that the most balanced personalities are those who seat in silence, spend time in nature and walk bare foot.

Come anytime you feel you need some time and space to pause and figure out what you want, which you can only do by yourself, in peace and removed from your normal.

“Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”  Nikola Tesla

To RELAX & BREATHE is the doorway to stepping into your own alignment which is where your power is.  Also the quickest route to anything you want to create.

Do you have a vision? dreams? values? standards? you are going to need them, coming here is your opportunity to get clear on them.

And if you want some assistance with your process, add some mentoring ~ life changing conversation/s with Mangaljot.


Mangaljot is an extremely insightful, gifted, and passionate instructor who has put her heart and soul into creating a retreat environment that nourishes the whole person.

The accommodations were wonderful, the vegan meals delicious, the surroundings breathtaking, and the Jamaican culture warm and inviting. If your soul is calling you into a deeper expression of itself, this retreat will certainly support you in becoming all you are meant to be and more. This will always be a major turning point in my life, and I hope to return for regular tuneups in the future.



You are the most important project! come enjoy a great holiday while reconnecting to yourself.


No set dates, pick your dates (check availability before booking your flight) 3 days minimum, stay as long as you like; meals are served family style, breakfast 9am, dinner 7pm. Lunch 1pm can be ordered when on property.


Rebalance You, at your own pace in a beautiful healing space.

Option 1
$70 USD
shared room five beds
Option 2
$90 USD
shared room twin beds
Option 3
$110/140 USD
private room
Option 4
$130/160 USD
private room & bathroom

daily rates includes: breakfast, dinner & your accommodation ~ second rate for double occupancy

The chance to birth desired life changes…peace & relaxation for deep reflection.

Oneness Wellness Farm is located in the heart of Portland, known for having the most beautiful tropical scenery on the island.  Imagine yourself in the midst of it, with a coastline studded with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, it makes Oneness Wellness Farm the ideal & most delicious setting to create your perfect reset retreat.



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