Can a retreat at Oneness Wellness really transform my life?

Yes, it can and that’s the intention.  What really transform a life? One empowered choice after the next overtime…  A stay at Oneness teaches you how to make empowered choices in every areas of your life, from the way you start your day, nourish your mind, heart and body, to the way you set life goals, communicate and cultivate better relationships.  Healing, priceless & totally empowering.

The space itself and all that we offer at Oneness is designed and geared towards helping you to transform your life ~ with more health, understanding, peace & clarity.  In fact, a Oneness Wellness reset is the best jump start to change your life.  

Oneness Wellness Farm is a place to come to cultivate NEW BEGINNINGS, where to come to Reset ~ You & Your Life… 

Take a moment to read through the reviews of those who have personally experienced a reset at Oneness Wellness Farm.

What do I need to bring?

Yoga wear, loose and comfortable clothing, white, cotton/natural fiber.

Yoga mats are provided but feel free to bring your own if you like.

Plus all you need on a Caribbean holiday; beach wear, sun protection, beach towel…

A special notebook or journal, walking shoes, camera, flashlight, mosquito repellent or long pants for in the evenings if needed (mosquito nets are on all the beds).

And if you still have extra luggage space, and maybe children happy to donate their old books for the Jamaica Youth Book Club, we’ll be most grateful, thank you. 

I am travelling alone, is that OK?

Absolutely, most of our guests are traveling alone and the majority have been women.  Trust that you will be well taken care of and everything about your retreat and time in Jamaica will be safe and enjoyable. 

How far is Oneness Wellness from the beach?

Priestman river is the closest sea entry point five minutes walk down the hill but very stony beach & rough water.  Five minutes drive going West is Boston Bay beach good surfing spot and going East Long Bay beach, further West are Winefred, SanSan, Blue Lagoon and French Man’s Cove another 10-15min away.  Route taxis will drop you to any beach you like for less than a couple of US dollars.

I’ve never done yoga and I’m not a vegetarian, is this place OK for me?

Yes it is no worries, Oneness is a great place to get introduce to yoga and to try it for the first time even ~ and that regardless of your age, size or physical ability.  Classes are enjoyable for beginners and regular practitioners alike.

Our vegetarian cuisine is so delicious, non vegetarians enjoy it as much and many have been known to change their eating habits after their stay here with us.

How much yoga and meditation do we do?

The day starts with yoga & meditation before breakfast and there is a meditation session in the evening before dinner.  There are many little platforms tucked away on the land for you to use at your leisure.

What’s a typical day like?

Reset retreats schedule:
  •       7.30   ~  yoga & meditation
  •       9.00   ~  breakfast
  •      10.00  ~  free time/ consultation time
  •      12.30  ~  lunch
  •      13.00  ~  free time/ beach adventure time
  •      18.00  ~  meditation & deep relaxation
  •      19.00   ~  dinner

Other things to know

  • We practice energy and water conservation, please be conscious of your usage.
  • We use a water osmosis purification system in the kitchen.
  • Remember to unplug devices when not in use especially in case of lightening.
  • We recycle paper & plastic bottles and compost fruits & vegetables peels.
  • Night falls early and quickly, 6pm in the winter season and 7pm in the summer.
  • Any breakages will have to be paid for, thank you.
  • No WIFI in rooms only in communal areas ideal for a digital detox.
  • Electrical plugs are same as in US.
  • No alcohol & no smoking on property, ideal for a real detox.

Getting Here

Oneness Wellness Farm is situated in the heart of Portland, on the East coast of Jamaica.

How is access and transportation?

Access is good, the roads have a few potholes but that’s Jamaica, you just need to take your time if you’re driving yourself.   Route taxis are easily available before night, simply hail up vehicles with red plates. 

What is the closest airport? Do you organize airport transfer?

The closest airport is Kingston Norman Marley, a 90 min. scenic drive along the coast through St Thomas’ parish.

$150 US – Kingston | $250 US – Montego Bay

Montego Bay airport is further away and the drive through the North coast takes around 3.5 hrs.

Other ways to get from the airport to Oneness Wellness?

Knutsford  Express offers a Luxury Coach service with AC AND Wifi from Montego Bay to Port Antonio via Ocho Rios, and from Kingston via Junction to Port Antonio.  For more information and reservations visit www.knutsfordexpress.com

You can be picked up at The Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio; from $20 USD.

Should I rent a vehicle?

If you want, but it’s not a necessity, there is easy access to Port Antonio the local town, beaches and other tourist attractions.

A short walk down the hill takes you on the main road where you can get route taxis, or you can also charter your own taxi for the day.


You can use both USD and JMD, but it’ll be easier to have Jamaican $ when stopping for a fresh coconut water on the roadside or trying to get in a route taxi.  Port Antonio, the local town 20km away has few Cambio, ATM machines and banks dispensing USD and local currency.

Local Transportation

Routes taxis or buses (vehicles with a red plate) are cheap and part of the Jamaican experience ~ $220 JMD around $2US to get to any beaches along the way up to Port Antonio.  Boston Bay beach and Long Bay beach are only 5 minutes away so $100 JMD.

How do I make payment for my retreat?

Once availability has been confirmed for your retreat, we will send you bank details for USD, EURO, GBP or AUD accounts, where you can use your local bank or a credit card to make payment at no fee or the lowest possible fee depending on your bank.

If you haven’t got a bank account on any of the currencies listed above, you will still be able to send a money transfer from your local currency for the amount in USD but you will need to open a profile. It takes 2 days for it to be verified and it can be easily done here where you will automatically receive a free transfer to send money at the lowest possible fee, with the real exchange rate.

Otherwise, Western Union is another option, please contact us if you have any questions.

 What is your cancellation policy?

Your retreat is confirmed at the time of purchase.  In the event you need to cancel your retreat, a credit note will be given and may be used for up to 2 months towards any Oneness Wellness Farm retreats.  When completing payment transaction, purchaser agrees to abide by cancellation terms set above.


Any other questions, contact us.

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