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Relax, Reconnect, Rebalance, Recharge & Reset


4 days of sun sea & sand in a beautiful setting for a fun transformative & uplifting reset. 

The chance to birth your vision and desired life changes, with peace & relaxation for deep reflection + yoga & meditation to support your process + healthy nutrition to keep your mind clear + make you feel deeply nourished + energized.

Option 1
shared room five beds
$550 USD
Option 2
shared room twin beds
$590 USD
Option 3
private room shrd/bath
$650 USD
Option 4
private room & bathroom
$710 USD

what to expect on your swift reset retreat:

Oneness Wellness Farm is located in the heart of Portland, known for having the most beautiful tropical scenery on the island.  Imagine yourself in the midst of it, with a coastline studded with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, it makes Oneness Wellness Farm the perfect & most delicious setting for a transformational retreat.

  • The day starts with yoga at 7.30 am, followed by meditation at 8.30 am.
  • 9 am, breakfast of organic tea freshly picked from the farm with fresh fruits.
  • 10 am free time/ private reset talk time*
  • Free time for fun play adventure and relaxation.  Relax on property, lay on a hammock, book a healing consultation, a massage, go to the beach or on an excursion in beautiful Portland.
  • Meditation & deep relaxation at 6pm.
  • Dinner is at 7 pm, we all sit and eat together.
  • After dinner, listen to the nature sounds of the night, look up at the open sky constellation and stars, on the full moon shimmering on the sea right before your eyes, magical…

*you can book a private reset talk, where we can look at the numbers of your date of birth and see what insights they can give you, or we can talk about anything that is important to you, nothing is off limits.


Good health, loving relationships, happiness, success = how you feel inside + how clear you are.



June 1 & 8,  July 1 & 8,  Aug 1 & Aug 8
Sept 1 & 8, Oct 1 & 8, Nov 1 & 8 & 15, Dec 1 & 8

above guaranteed other dates, please

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