Payment Options

How do I make payment for my retreat?

Once availability has been confirmed for your retreat, we will send you bank details for USD, EURO, GBP or AUD accounts, where you can use your local bank or a credit card to make payment at no fee or the lowest possible fee depending on your bank.

If you haven’t got a bank account on any of the currencies listed above, you will still be able to send a money transfer from your local currency for the amount in USD but you will need to open a profile. It takes 2 days for it to be verified and it can be easily done here where you will automatically receive a free transfer to send money at the lowest possible fee, with the real exchange rate.

Otherwise, Western Union is another option, please contact us if you have any questions.

 What is your cancellation policy?

Your retreat is confirmed at the time of purchase.  In the event you need to cancel your retreat, a credit note will be given and may be used for up to 2 months towards any Oneness Wellness Farm retreats.  When completing payment transaction, purchaser agrees to abide by cancellation terms set above.



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