you breathe so you can do yoga


In a magical nature space perfect to practise with amazing views, beautiful sunrises, fresh air and birds singing ~ experience oneness with a grounded blend of postures, pranayama (breath exercises), deep relaxation & meditation. (not a place for head stands/advanced asanas, a simple practise for people of all ages, gender, sizes and level of flexibility) Beginners & yoga virgins are always welcome, great space to try it for the first time!


oneness wellness farm


reconnect, recharge and totally reset

To get on the mat is a powerful way to grow, to heal and to release stress, toxins, negativity and anxiety. 

feel more calm, peace, trust, love and clarity in your life.


Living locally or vacationing in Portland, join us, call 1 (876) 465 1464 to book by Friday 11am


it’s an inside job ~ and by going within, you will never go without




ONENESS WELLNESS FARM’s resident yoga teacher & founder, Mangaljot is a KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher level I & II, and a conscious pregnancy & children yoga teacher. She has been teaching in various settings since 2001 and she loves most to explain how the practise can help us heal, transform & self-realize.

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