you breathe so you can do yoga


1st thing ~ attend to you & set yourself up ~ for the day

learn to prioritize

Harmonize & unite every aspects of yourself

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

rise up tune up bless up 

Real change happens in the body at the feeling level ~ needing movement of energy, not just thoughts.


Outdoor in nature with a panoramic sea view, beautiful sunrises and birds singing, come enjoy a dynamic blend of postures, pranayama (breath exercises), deep relaxation & meditation to reconnect, recharge and totally reset you.

Kundalini Yoga is not just a practice it’s a powerful technology helping you to heal and unleash your highest potential, to effectively function in the world and enjoy life.

No acrobatics, it meets you where you’re at, if you can breathe you can do it, and it takes you where you want to be…

Also called the yoga of awareness, as your practice grow you grow, gain new perspectives, capacities and habits that powerfully support and promote you. Increase your ability to remain calm, focused, grounded and clear through life’s challenges.


If we don’t go within, we go without ~ it happens from the inside out…


Yoga Classes for Beginners Jamaica
ONENESS WELLNESS FARM’s resident yoga teacher & founder, Mangaljot is a KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher level I & II, and a conscious pregnancy & children yoga teacher. She has been teaching in various settings since 2001.

Please note that other guest teachers from other styles/traditions may be leading classes at various times.  Beginners and yoga virgins are always welcome, great space to even try it for the first time.


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6 – 7 pm

Private Classes by Appointment

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