I imagine of a world where we all know and experience wholeness & true happiness.


A world where Higher Living Education is taught to all, so we all have a chance.


A world where we are being told the truth about what we are: powerful creators.


A world where we are all committed to heal our heart & create our personal expression of heaven on earth.


A world where children, women & men are treated lovingly, respectfully and equally.


A world where women feel strong, valued and are using their voices.


A world where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, to speak their truth and to take full responsibility.


Basically I envision a world where inner peace, love & happiness is the norm, where health & wealth is achievable by all and where being real, kind & compassionate are the coolest way to be.


That’s why Oneness Wellness, for a life transforming reset & to show you how to optimise yourself.

After 28 years seeking to understand life and ourselves, focusing on self-healing, counselling and teaching yoga & meditation for 18 years and facilitating wellness yoga retreats for the past 10 years, it has become clear to me that one to one conversations are the most transformational healing and empowering process I know for us to rethink our story.

We can heal, we can be happy and we can make our deepest dreams reality, life has taught me so ~ From Paris to London, I was sent away at age 17 with nothing but a broken heart, no skills, no diploma (just failed my baccalaureate for the second time), so feeling pretty bad about myself and of course I had no money.

Then on, I became a pro-active learner of life, finding myself truly alone, I learned early on that you have to take care of you, get your answers and that nobody’s going to make it happen for you, you have to be true to you, what you need and what you want…

And that once you know what you want and you believe you can do it, there is no stopping you.  I’ve learned that the only limits to what we can be and do come from the mind.  Mind, thoughts and beliefs give birth to what we experience, so if your personal reality is not what you want it to be, it’s time to reprogram and reset your mind so that it works for you rather than against you.

And since understanding and applying all of that myself, my life has been doing way better and really stepping up.  The 17 year old who started with nothing, became a self-employed entrepreneur at age 28, was out of the matrix at 35, debts & mortgage free at 42 and now enjoying life on her terms on the beautiful Oneness Wellness Farm hilltop overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

And to top it all, after many heart breaks, she’s now blessed to be in a loving relationship with a high quality man Lincoln, and as importantly she’s doing what she love most, growing happy people, fruits and vegetables.

So yes I help you understand, trust and believe in yourself again.  I am totally rooting for you and I will be sharing with you all that has helped me turn my life around and allowed me to go from struggling to thriving. I help you heal, get clear to create the happy in you, the truth of you, releasing whatever may have been blocking or disrupting your flow…

We can talk in person or online, you can come for a Self-Guided Reset at anytime, or for the Integrated Back To Wholeness Reset for a deeper guided process.  Please note it is about to be replaced with its upgraded version the Oneness Wellness Life Training™ for an even deeper process that you’ll then be able to facilitate for others, starting March 16, 2019.

If you love wellness, transformation, want to self-realize and become an agent of change in the world, this ground-breaking training is the one!


My life journey over the past 28 years has taught me one thing for sure: we do create our own reality ~ and what we can imagine we can make real.

Our human tragedy is that we have not been shown how, by sharing Higher Living Education we are changing that.

Life becomes what we choose to make it.  Life is a matter of consciousness…Health, happiness, love, success and everything else in our lives are informed by our perceptions, emotions, beliefs, mindset and ultimately the connection to our heart.

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Reflecting on my own journey, now feels me with gratitude, and tells me that we can all transform our personal reality, being true to ourselves and not compromising on what we feel.



My own heart mending journey has made me an expert on relationships. Then going from lonely, sad and depressed to healthy happy and free, has given me more gratitude, compassion and understanding for us all.



we can change, we can improve and we can create lives that work better 

Life when we understand how to navigate it = healthy, happy & wealthy!

When we live in our own truth, we are happy ~ this is what I help people do.

What really transforms a life? one empowered choice after another over time.  This is my approach, and life has made me an expert at that too after a series of transformations, adaptations and changes so to get everything nicely aligned.

Born in Paris, mother is French, father from Benin, pressured to excel at school, me too incident, difficult teenage years, sent to London at 17 to see what life was about, did not go back, continued exploration there for 17 years; started as an Au Pair, 1991-96 croupier in a casino, and then realising I could not possibly continue doing it for the rest of my life, it was time to get real and organise my next step.

1996-99 went to University as a mature student, still working to support myself, graduated with honours, became the strategist of a new communication company.  Nine months later, the redundancy which rocked my world (my turn around and so another blessing in disguise) reshaped and totally transformed my life.  At the time, I felt so angry, betrayed and let down, I vowed not to work for anyone again so took some time to get clear and decide what next.

This was 2000, I have been a self-employed creative entrepreneur ever since.  An old desire to be of help to others guided me to re-train as a therapeutic counsellor, personal development facilitator and kundalini yoga teacher.  This style of yoga being so effective in healing and empowering, I started to teach in many different settings; gyms, health clubs, women’s refuge, community centers, churches, prisons, youth projects, festivals and through SINEQUANON ~  a consultancy for the Self, offering solutions, counselling, classes & life coaching-mentoring.

In 2005, I completed the kundalini yoga teacher training level II, a complete course in Humanology where I learned some more on:

  • The Mind & Meditation
  • Conscious Communication
  • Life Cycles & Lifestyles
  • Stress & Vitality
  • Authentic Relationships

Under the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh, with whom I also learned on the Karam Kriya consultancy training to study life through numbers and numbers through life, another thing I am totally in awe of, and will be sharing with you, numbers keep on amazing and guiding me…

During that time, I also trained as a conscious pregnancy yoga teacher supporting women on their motherhood journey and teaching empowered birth preparation workshops.

Until the end of 2007, I taught yoga and offered counselling privately in London, as well as working with Gamcare, a UK based charity, offering help to those affected by gambling.

My dream was always to live in a warmer sunnier climate and all I wanted to do was to share this wisdom with everyone else ~ we do not have to suffer, we can reclaim our power.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a place where people could come to have a real Reset ~ where they will get to experience and learn all they need to heal themselves and their relationships; where they will be given the understanding, the awareness and knowledge they need to step up their life, improve their health, happiness and finances even.  A place to get clear, recharge, restart and reset ready for new beginnings.

So In 2008, I left my comfort zone and took my leap of faith and moved all the way to the Caribbean in sunny Jamaica to create Oneness Wellness ~  a haven to stop, reconnect, and reset while experiencing the benefits of healthy natural living. 

Oneness Wellness Farm is a purpose driven business, so when you come stay with us, you also help us fund Love In Actions projects, to share Higher Living Education empowering the lives of many more!

Peace to all, Love to all, Light to all & Power to all

“Nothing is set ~ we can reset”

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