Being in nature, living in nature, cultivating, farming and then harvesting from mother earth brings about deep feelings of gratitude.

? Nature helps us cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  Gratitude for what is and what we are blessed to receive.

? Regardless of how bad you think it is, you can always find something to be grateful for… and that’s the best thing you can do to come out of a black hole.

? Come spend time here in Jamaica and learn from the people.

? Jamaicans are amazing although most have very little in the material sense, they are full of gratitude and are constantly giving thanks.

? You ask someone how they are, they reply: Give thanks for life! They may have no money in their pocket, not sure where the next meal will come from, but still you hear Give thanks!

? This is where they get their resilience, keep up spirit and love for life from.

? Back to ackee, see what Joan pps.
” Dear Mangaljot & Lincoln, thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for creating this incredible wellness refuge. I had a great adventure and learned so much from you. I am Grateful for this experience and my time spent with you in beautiful Portland. ps: the food was SUBLIME (and thank you for the fruit crumble lesson)
pps: I don’t know if I can live without ackee. Fondly, Joan.

? So let’s do it Jamaican style and Give Thanks again and again!

? Soon come or call if you’re finding it hard to develop an oh so vital Attitude of Gratitude.

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