Oneness Wellness Farm - Invest In You

Coaching ~ a powerful force to inspire change.


We get a coach when we want better results,

when we want to up our game, optimize, step up

or when we have no other choice but to change and reset.




Coaching started for me as a client, when I was 28

Best investment I made, having an awesome Coach literally saved me.

It gave me the clarity and support I needed to turn my life around

Taking me right where I wanted to be.


we can transform our situations for the better,

we can improve our lives, our relationships, our health & our wealth too!

Nothing is set ~ we can reset

  • Relationships Coaching for Women, who are finding it hard to find their high quality man and create long lasting loving relationships.
  • Relationships Coaching for Couples, who have lost their bliss, are struggling and maybe on the verge of divorce.
  • Life Coaching for anyone who want to make big changes in their lives and want to make progress fast.


Get help remove doubts, excuses, fears and limitations.  That changes everything.

Get clear and set clear goals into simple action steps that are easy to follow and start!

  That too changes everything.

Plus you’re kept on track until you get what you want…

Consultations in English & French, in person or via phone/skype

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