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Need some peace, a break or some time out?  




You’ve come to the right page and soon place…

You know it’s going to happen from the inside out…


…You have a dream, a vision, a purpose, and you know it’s time to reset & live it!

you’re ready to get out of your own way and make you and your life happen, come, Oneness Wellness Farm is totally the place for you.


In the heart of Portland, on the East coast of Jamaica, Oneness is situated on a scenic hilltop overlooking the Caribbean sea and is the perfect space to Pause, Relax, Recharge and Reset Yourself.


Oneness Wellness Farm

Sometimes, we just need to pause – stop and take a breath.


We need to learn to relax, regroup, realign and rest – when you feel that, give yourself that!

That’s why we say: Invest In You ~ and make your life what you want it to be.

Oneness Wellness Farm

Oneness Wellness Farm is here for that ~ The Place to Reset Yourself ~ a space to uplift you and bring you back to balance.  From there you can proceed, no problem.

When you feel tired, down, unsure or just plain fed up, or you feel you’re going through some scary life transitions, identity crisis – PAUSE – we all do from time to time, it’s natural, normal, although no one tells us.  It is life with its stages and cycles; we feel them more during cluster times {the times when the 7/11/18 years cycles merge at once, when we are 18-21-22 and 33-35-36 and 54-55-56}, but if you know them you can use them to your advantage.

We all want more meaning and have less time, so it makes sense to get it all in one if we can, and here at Oneness Wellness you definitely can.

We call it the sensible people new kind of holidays, where you get to disconnect to reconnect, a chance to get back to you and at the same time step up your life all in One!

Create your own perfect life changing holiday retreat, tailored made to reset yourself ~ ask for what you need when you need it ~ a great training for life.


Upgrade You & Your Understanding

for a complete reset ~ Book early {12 max.}

Oneness Special 10 Days full immersion Detox Retreat:

Disconnect to Reconnect.

1st to 10th ~ arrive on 30th/31st

September & November 2015

February & March 2016

Get to Relax ~ Recharge ~ Realign & Renew yourself ~


Oneness Wellness Farm

Want something more long lasting than a nice suntan?

Regardless of your age, sex or current athletic ability, a stay at Oneness Wellness is your springboard to a healthy lifestyle, and a sure way to improve your overall wellness and Up Your Happiness!


For reservations and more information, email