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“Dear Mangal Jot & Lincoln, thank you for your hospitality this past week. I loved visiting Portland and JA and loved your healing space. I look forward to my next trip here. Continue with the great work you are doing – the people need you!
Love & Light Leeza ~ NY

“I am leaving here reluctantly but full and fortified. […] with peace and love and more understanding to spread throughout life and pay forward to others as well. A ripple effect!” Ina ~ Los Angeles

“Mangal Jot, this has been an amazing experience for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the teachings and classes. I feel very refreshed and new. I shall change my way of life based on your classes, teachings and inspirations. Thank you so much for your hospitality. May you continue to be blessed everyday of your life.” Kay ~ London

“I was literally transformed from the inside out. Mangaljot is an extremely insightful, gifted, and passionate instructor who has put her heart and soul into creating a retreat environment that nourishes the whole person.[…] a major turning point in my life”
Rhonda ~ Sacramento

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Trust what you feel…

Trust what you feel... always and in all ways. ? This is especially important for us women, trust and speak what you feel. (and don't be shy about it) ? Do not ignore, suppress or repress what you feel - it is our power, we just need to communicate what we truly feel...

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We give thanks, Jamaican style!

Being in nature, living in nature, cultivating, farming and then harvesting from mother earth brings about deep feelings of gratitude. ? Nature helps us cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  Gratitude for what is and what we are blessed to receive. ? Regardless of how...

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you are the answer & the solution

Totally, completely and unabashedly (without embarrassment, apologies or shame)...You are the Answer and the Solution... Now if you're doubting this fact, or doubting yourself and your abilities to create a life you truly enjoy, it's time to come to Oneness Wellness...

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